1. R

    I Can Smell My Neighbors Cooking In One Of My Rooms

    My neighbors kitchen extract vent is beside the flat roof of my ground floor extension and the smells can somehow be smelt inside one room of my house. I closed all windows and trickle vents but found that in one corner of the room the smell was literally coming up through the floor. I know that...
  2. T

    Occasional leak from roof tile vent

    I have 2 plastic vent tiles on my roof. From within the loft, I see that their underneath interface is a 75 mm diameter pipe, presumably to allow connectors, or just to allow ventilation. One of them is directly above the loft hatch which is lined with polystyrene on top. The other one is above...
  3. W

    Very basic vent question

    Hi all I have an old blocked up chimney breast in my kitchen that has a lot of damp patches on it. I'm looking to install an adjustable vent (something like this) to help but I have an extremely basic question about it, as I've never seen one installed before - what exactly should the vent be...
  4. M

    Vent Covers on Air Bricks

    Hi all, we’ve got an old house with suspended flooring that has airbricks throughout. Problem is the bricks are quite close to the ground (only 1 brick above in some cases) and we’re getting quite a bit of splash back into the airbricks when it rains, so I was thinking of installing some vent...
  5. G

    Suspended timber floor vent

    Our 1970’s built house has suspended timber floors. In the lounge, we have this vent. Approx. 24cm x 9cm. We’ve got air bricks visible from outside, this vent is the only one in the house and about 2-3 metres away was the gas fire (now removed). What do we think - vent needed to be kept to...
  6. T

    Soil pipe ventilation

    Alright folks. Hopefully, someone can help in regards to venting my waste pipe from a downstairs cloakroom toilet. It comes straight out and down as in the image and the white pipe is my new drainage from the kitchen, however it's not vented. My toilet bowl is filling up and returning to...
  7. H

    Ground floor feeling colder after floor insulation

    Hello everyone. I'm hoping someone could assist me with a bit of a dilemma. Around 2020, we carried out some renovation to our 1930's semi-detached home. As part of the renovation, the whole ground underfloor, which is suspended with a metre or less drop, was insulated with mineral/rock wool...
  8. dpm_dpmartin

    Retro-fit backdraft shutter?

    This is only kinda plumbing, and very basic - I do apologise for that. I have a wall-mounted 10cm timer extractor fan in an upstairs bathroom. In the trio of storms we had a couple of years ago the driving rain must have come inside as water marks have appeared all over the wall, and remained -...
  9. L

    smell of gas from boiler vent

    Hello everyone. I've recently moved into a flat and it has a vokera boiler. We've noticed the smell of gas whenever we switch on water, and I've noticed it from another flat as well. We had a boiler check and the engineer didn't find anything wrong or concerning but did not comment on why I'd...
  10. V

    Overheating Cooker

    The first I used the oven after I cleaned it, it overheated and shut off. I switched it back on, but since then, it keeps overheating and burns the food. Also, the red light switces on immediately as soon I turn on the oven. Could it be debris in the vents or the thermostat is broken?
  11. P

    Venting an orphan chimney breast

    Hi all. I live in a house with 3 floors. The previous owners of our house removed a chimney breast in the loft (floor 3), and they also removed the chimney stack from the roof. However, on the lower floors (1 and 2) they left the rest of the chimney breast standing. This means we have a chimney...
  12. M

    Help required for flat ventilation

    Hi All, I am currently having my bathroom refurbished. It is an ex council block of flats. The vent already in place appears to be a cover so not sure how this is meant to work i.e. extract steam. Also noticed that no other flat on the block appears to have an electric extractor fan. Can I...
  13. K

    Two flat vent channel ductings through one external hole

    Hi All Is it fine to run two rectangular 204x60 channel ductings (one on top of the other) through a single external hole as shown in the enclosed drawing? Drilling a second hole is not possible. The two flat channels each 204x60 would go through single rectangular hole 204x120 and would be...
  14. Rob Telford

    Help! Weird size vent cowl

    Hi all, first time poster so apologies if in wrong thread. I have a very odd size external vent from my cooker hood, 13” high by 12” wide. The cowl for it is old and rusty and in desperate need of replacement. The problem is I cannot seem to find anything remotely large enough anywhere. Largest...
  15. Pickup

    Sewer Vent?

    Hi folks, anyone know what this is - it’s made of cast iron? There’s one at the boundary of a lot of properties in Aberdeen.(which all seem to have been built in the mid 1960s). I think it might be a sewer vent but would like confirmation as we’re widening the opening to our driveway. Thanks
  16. M

    Cladding, vent, gap... what thickness battens to use

    I read a few different views on the thickness of the battens to use for attaching cladding to a solid brick built building. I was under the impression that 25x50 roofing lats are the norm, but the last couple of posts I've read say the battens should be 2 or 2.5 the thickness of the cladding...
  17. wilco88

    Can I vent a disused fireplace through suspended floor?

    Hi, I know old fireplace/hearth questions are talked about on here a lot but i don't think this question has been answered, or if it has, not comprehensively. I have taken out the concrete hearth of an old disused fireplace, in preparation to re-lay the original t&g flooring throughout the...
  18. Beetlebum

    Air brick issue

    Good morning, Just brought a victorian terrace with single skin walls, had a problem at the front with damp but that's sorted now. However I have noticed that the airbrick to the rear is located in a lean to/conservatory type thing which covers the whole width of the property. Not really sure...
  19. B

    Blocked off Chimneys on Party Wall (Leave, Vent, or... ?)

    So, we have 3 chimney breasts that are blocked off and are on the party wall - they are all papered over and I presume plasterboard/wood or similar has been used to block the gap. These are not vented at the bottom, which I thought had to happen. (Please note that I'd prefer not to have a vent...
  20. robodelfy

    Vent in living room, is it needed?

    Hi, I've been renovating my house, and removed the front cover of this vent in my living room, I don't even remember what the front looked like. The vent appears to just be a short pipe but has some channel on the inside so air doesn't just flow straight through the pipe. I have taken this...