warm roof

  1. P

    (not so) Warm roof weirdness

    Hi Everyone, First time posting here, so sorry if I'm not doing something right. I bought an old (1919) house in June last year and have started some renovations in the meantime (new bathroom and new insulation), which are almost done. But after removing the roof fascia of the flat roof from the...
  2. R

    Flat Warm Roof with Side Pitch

    I would like to have a flat warm roof for our new extension but as the our house has a pitched roof am not sure how the abut the too as the exterior walls will be flush and so the large flat roof fascia, deck and insulation will cut awkwardly into the pitch roof and i am not sure it is even...
  3. J

    Position of VCL - warm flat vs warm pitched

    Hello. When I look at construction details for warm flat roofs I see the VCL is placed above the joists. However for a warm pitched roof the VCL is placed below the rafters. For example see the attached image from...
  4. J

    Crown roof - warm or cold better?

    Hello, We’re figuring out the design for our crown roof - something like the attached image, where we have a flat part on the top (with appropriate fall to stop water pooling), and then it would be pitched on three sides. Would this kind of roof be better as a cold roof or warm roof? I...
  5. T

    Warm or cold flat roof for concrete deck with overhang?

    Hi, I have a single-skin brick extension with a concrete flat roof from the 50s/60s that I’m getting re-covered. The concrete roof overhangs the exterior by 100-150mm. I’m trying to decide whether to go warm or cold roof. I originally thought warm but now I’m concerned about potential...
  6. J

    Warm vs cold roof extension depth

    Hi, I’m having difficulty finding an answer to what seems a simple question. What is a typical depth for a warm vs cold roof in a rear extension? i.e the measurement from the underside of the ceiling to the top of the roof. Thank you!
  7. DanRobertsB

    Loft insulation - cold vs warm, material recommendations, etc

    Hi I’m hoping to improve the loft insulation of a cold roof of a large (c. 350m2) wood clad, timber frame bungalow that is currently poorly insulated and struggles with heat retention. It is currently largely single glazed (I’m working on secondary glazing with Magnetglaze Extreme Pro and 4-6mm...
  8. DanRobertsB

    Insulating loft which you later plan to convert

    Hi, I have a c. 9x8m loft in a 1860 ish Victorian house which I'd like to insulate now*. As you can see from the below, it's barely insulated, but is currently "cold roof" construction. 1) It's possible I may ultimately end up doing a loft conversion (in maybe 5+ years). It'd be preferable...
  9. B

    How to insulate top of wall between garage and utility

    Hi Newly built attached garage with utility at the back. The utility has a warm roof. The garage is not insulated but caviry wall between garage and utility room. Should i be insulating the top of the walls, sealing the gaps where the joists run? If so what the recommended method? Photos...
  10. SpaceWorm

    Garden Room Warm Roof

    Alright ladies, I am planning a garden office build with a flat roof within 1m of a boundary and want to avoid a cold roof and the issues that come with them, especially as I want downlights. I have more than enough 50mm PIR board that I have pulled out of my roof (crap, non-compliant loft room...
  11. wilco88

    Is this a leak or condensation

    Hi, This is a small flat roof that joins to the house and main pitched roof. Some background info: It has never had any insulation between rafters and doesn't have insulation on top. Timber roof joists/rafters with timber furring. Then plywood and then torch on felt. We discovered the...
  12. G

    Parapet wall

    First of all thanks everyone for helping with my self build, so much appreciated. Next stage complete the parapet wall design,roof timbers on for warm roof.My plan is to complete the top of the parapet wall either side,them fix the roof down. Need to keep the parapet wall to minimum height...
  13. C

    GRP warm roof got wet

    Hi all, I have recently installed a warm GRP flat roof on my extension, the roof is 90m² with a parapet wall all the way around and and a hidden box gutter built in and two 3000mm x 1000mm flat roof. Due to the size of the roof, a few fiddly details and doing it on my own i have had to do the...
  14. A

    Insulating eves with warm roof (Annexxe)

    Hi Garden detached room under construction . Warm roof will be used (18mm osb then 100 celotex then 18 osb) Query : Insulation with the eves at end of joist runs, as there are noggins etc please see attached Before answering - thanks
  15. H

    Warm roofing and GRP Fibreglassing Single Storey Flat Roof

    Looking for advice please. I've got a flat roof single storey bathroom that needs a new roof and I've looked at GRP Fibreglass as the route to go down. I also wanted to insulate the flat roof and have read all the advice stating that a warm roof is superior to a cold roof. If the Celotex for the...
  16. A

    Converting flat roof from cold to warm roof

    One of the many little gems I've come across when renovating my house is that my flat roof is a cold roof - the insulation sits directly upon the plasterboard with a gap above between the insulation and actual roof. I'm contemplating converting this to a warm roof as I may as well do it now...
  17. T

    insulation boards stacked on the roof

    Hi all, a quick opinion would be appreciated, it is our first (re)build and obviously I have a lot to learn and potentially not everything which looks odd is an issue (this is my behaviour by default! :P ) Came back home to find a bunch of 45mm Kingspan TW50 boards, which will be presumably...
  18. T

    Insulating the fascia of a warm flat roof and VCL / VCB?

    Unfortunately we are already amidst our renovation job, which includes also the redoing of a flat roof and upgrading it to a warm roof and I have a question regarding the insulation of the fascia, I find shocking that there isn't really much material on the web about it! The new joists have been...
  19. C

    Polythene VCL Warm Roof -upstands?

    I have a 15m2 felt flat roof that I am replacing with Warm Roof. Should the VCL be continued up the walls at the edges (it is surrounded on 3 sides by the next storey). If so how do you attach it to the wall? 2 sides are limewash cob, one side painted brick. There will be a lead flashing set...
  20. Bagheera

    Flat warm roof- VCL needed with celotex?

    Hi all, I'm building a timber framed garden room with a flat warm roof. my build up for the roof will be: joists 18mm OSB3 sub-deck vapour control layer 100mm foil backed celotex GA4100 or similar 11mm OSB3 top deck EPDM My questions are: 1. Do I need a VCL considering the foil on the...