1. V

    Washers for towel rail valves?

    Hi I'm replacing a towel rail and not surprisingly when I removed the valves the sealing washers fell apart so I need to find some replacements. Does anyone know what type of washers are used in towel rail valves, are they rubber o-ring or flat washers, or indeed does it really matter? Thanks
  2. Jmx1988

    Shower Outlets

    I’ve used a couple of 90 degree wall plate elbows to fit a shower arm and hand shower into. My question is the shower arm needs backing off about 1/4 turn and the hand shower needs backing off 3/4 of a turn. Now I’m going to use loctite 55 but also wondered if it’s worth using some kind of fibre...
  3. kevhs79

    Hotpoint Error showing error code 30

    You Hi I have a Hotpoint WD71 the suspension legs had gone, on there failure the drum / motor hit the side of the washer and cut out, so i have replaced them {the legs!} on putting it back together and trying to test it, the washer fills with water then goes straight into a spin of which that...
  4. S

    Changing washers now cistern won’t fill up

    Hi, We woke to a leak caused by a cracked fibre washer. I bought a pack of loads of different size of washers hoping one would be the right one as I was waiting for a spanner to arrive to actually open it up. None were exact matches but one fitted but the fibre is slightly wider. Not an issue...
  5. I

    Appliances Error Codes lists

    AC, Refs, Washers, TV, Disher, Gas Boiler Error Codes https://fault-codes.jimdo.com