Changing washers now cistern won’t fill up

4 Feb 2020
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United Kingdom

We woke to a leak caused by a cracked fibre washer.

I bought a pack of loads of different size of washers hoping one would be the right one as I was waiting for a spanner to arrive to actually open it up.

None were exact matches but one fitted but the fibre is slightly wider. Not an issue I thought.

I replaced it after cleaning the thread., which were already clean. Now it leaks after the isolation valve is turned back on and the tank does not fill up.

Returning the old washer in doesn’t fill up either when it used to.

Any ideas?

How can I make such an easy job a hard job.


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To start with you need a ½" tap connector washer as a rule they fit, Screwfix B&Q local plumbers if open.
There may be a filter in the connection you can pull out with pointed pliers, if not a bit of the old washer may have got into the valve is it a traditional ball valve or a later Flowmasta type one with a small float as part of the unit? Either way you may need to strip the valve.
Those connections are about the worst to get a good joint on because of the plastic thread you cannot get them really tight because the thread strips. they need to be spot on in line with the connection even the slightest angle will stop them seating, I always fit them to the cistern and then make the final connection to the pipework further back so they are not strained if I can.
Thanks for the good advice.

I’m not sure tbh as I haven’t been able to get the top off as I’m scared to break the buttons like the previous own has done upstairs.

it’s a Roca.


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I’ve got the water going back into the toilet but just can not stop the weeping. Perseverance.


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Depends how bad the weep is if just barely damp the washer may swell a bit with the water and take it up.

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