water softener

  1. W

    Pressure limiter

    Can anyone recommend a pressure limiter to use with a water softener? The instructions say if the pressure is above 5 bar, limit it to 3.5 bar. I've told the plumber several times but he hasn't done it so I plan to buy it and give it to him to fit the next time he visits. Thanks
  2. W

    Water softeners

    Hi We're looking into water softeners, has anyone got any recommendations? From what Ive read, the phone app is a good feature to have. We're planning on having a plumber install at same time as other works. Thanks
  3. denzildexter

    How to connect black water main plastic pipe to 22mm Copper pipe

    Hello Forum, I'm thinking of plumbing in a water softener myself (mainly because no local plumbers want to do the job for a sensible price). I've been advised that it should be connected to 22 mm pipes as I have a combination boiler. The existing pipework is 15 mm. I've an idea of how I want...
  4. DJB1959

    4 in 1 tap with water softener??

    We are thinking of getting a Quooker or similar 4 in 1 tap to provide hot and cold plus boiling and filtered cold water. But we also want to install a water softener so are wondering how the two things might work together. Question: Is it possible to set up the tap so that it gives both (a)...
  5. I

    Water Softner installation advise

    I am thinking of fitting a water softner. I came across this product, https://www.water2buy.com/shop/water-softener-meter-water2buy-200/ seems to fit the budget and gets good reviews and costs less than 1/4 of Harveys etc. My problem is the unit is too tall to fit under the sink. If I move it...
  6. S

    Water softener - new build flat - unfamilar pipe layout

    I've just moved into a new build flat, and am looking at getting a water softener installed. I don't have enough space under my sink, but I'm not that fussed about having a drinking water tap, so I was looking at maybe putting it in the utility cupboard. However, my understanding with water...
  7. P

    Aquadial(?) SLHITEC Culligan Water Softener Failure

    My old water softener (inherited when I bought the house) seems to have died a death. The display just flashes, no error code, so I suspect problems with the PCB. I think the model is 'Aquadial SLHITEC' 10 ltr by Culligan'. My house is a 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom property with 2-3 occupants Here's...
  8. I

    Getting my head around Water Softeners

    Water softeners are one of the most confusing things to research on the web in my opinion. People who sell them drop straight into that snake oil selling mode even though they are valid appliances which do have genuine value. I have recently had one installed; a Monarch Midi. I have learned or...