1. P

    Wet room enclosure, on tiled floor

    I have a small wetroom with curtains on a rail and would like to enclose the shower area until I can afford a total redesign of the room. Is it possible to install a sliding corner entry shower enclosure door cubicle direct onto the tiled floor, without using a shower tray? The one I’m...
  2. J

    Wetroom - tapping into soil stack low down

    Hi all, will be getting a plumber to do the work but have had differing opinions and want to crack on with the other work required which means I need to raise the floor to the correct level. I live in a second floor flat, there's one flat above me. I'm adding a small en-suite wetroom but the...
  3. M

    Wet Wall in Shower Cubicle

    Hi We moved in to a house with a decent Shower area. Only issue is that its a curved wall and im looking for some type of rubber/plastic sheet i could bond to the wall to stop the shower head wetting wall etc. The green area marked is where i would like to bond the sheet. Image attached best...
  4. M

    should i tank this area in my wetroom or not?

    Hi, all I have just finished my wetroom and tanked all areas, to my understanding because this is a wetroom, therefore, all areas should be tanked. However, I have created a large concrete step that is spirit levelled and my worry is if I tank this area then should any water ingress via...
  5. M

    Best Epoxy Grout to use please? for wetroom.

    Hi all, Just finished, tanked and tiled the wet room. Would like to use epoxy grout. Does anyone have any recommendations, please? I have all the cleaning at hand because of the haze epoxy causes on surfaces, so ready for. I just need something waterproof and resistant with a reasonable...
  6. DannyDyer

    Wet room - Partially flows towards the door?

    Right so I recently moved into my council flat. It has a wet room. Which has a shower, sink and a bog (toilet). If water from the sink goes on the floor or if you **** on the floor next to the toilet, it will flow past the shower and towards the door… Which obviously will cause issues. i stuck...
  7. Konchog

    Wet Room Installation

    We live in North London and, while we do quite a bit of 'safe' DIY, we have decided that converting our shower room to a full wet room, including replacing the entry architrave and door, is beyond us. We are finding it difficult to find a company to do the work, or even quote for it. Googling...
  8. C

    Wet room floor drain to waste pipe

    Help! Our wet room was fitted by the previous owners, we had a leak into room below which made us investigate and we can see that there is a seal where to pipes meet that has partially popped out of place and is visible inside the pipe. After monitoring we know it’s leaking through here. I...
  9. M

    Mortar or Concrete bed? For sloped shower pan.

    Hi All, Just finishing my wet room. I have a linear drain in the end embedded and secured levelled into the concrete floor. I am now ready to do the wet room slope pan. I have placed two pieces of strip wood on each side and raised them accordingly to my slope measurements. I will use these...
  10. M

    Slope Mortar bed (Shower pan) wetroom stage. What to do?

    Hi All, I have installed my linear drain, levelled and position it in place with concrete and followed this with levelling compound a couple of weeks after to smooth and level the floor. I am now ready to create my mortar bed slope (Shower pan) from the curb step to the drain however I want...
  11. M

    Vapour Barrier In wet room ??, Extractor fan (Yes or No), Tanking.

    Hi All, Currently renovating an old wetroom. 1. Removed everything back to brick. Currently, Have stud battened the walls, insulated the spacing and am now ready to apply the tile backer board, however, before I apply the tile backer board. Should I cover the insulation and battens with a...
  12. M

    New wet room renovation,** duplicate 3 **

    In what order would you create a wet room? Renovation. I have stripped the old wet room back to brick. I just want your guys opinions on what order you would do things from materials used to completion. I will have concrete block benches, screed slope floor to the drain, and shower head mixer...
  13. M

    In what order do you carry out a wetroom renovation? thanks.

    I have stripped the old wet room back to brick. I just want your guys opinions on what order you would do things from materials used to completion. I will have concrete block benches, screed slope floor to the drain, and shower head mixer etc... but as for everything, what order and how would...
  14. LisaYP

    Screed over safety floor in wet room

    Hi, I have a wet room, (made when i had a grant because of spinal problems) and in it the floor is safety flooring, like the kind Alto do but its grooved like an embossed pattern in it. Its not smooth which is my problem. I dont have the spinal problems anymore and want to put a shower tray and...
  15. Martinwf5

    Best way to convert

    Quite handy with tools and plumbing, but racking my brain for ideas to change this into a shower room please, window needs to stay also, what's your ideas?
  16. C

    Ditra over Aquapanel in wetroom??

    Lots of forums on this stuff but not the exact question. I have 3 wetrooms, 2 on ply and 1 on concrete. The plan was to sink a section for the shower area 1500 x 900 and envelope tiles into it but need to waterproof the rest of the room. The tiler has quoted to use Ditra mat with a section of...
  17. N

    Wetroom and underfloor heating

    Hello every one, I’m going to be making our en-suite in to a wetroom and want to use wet underfloor heating. Do I tank the room then put the under floor heating on top of that or the other way round? If any one has any recommendations on tanking products or wet underfloor heat please let me...
  18. StephenStephen

    Waterproof render for wetroom?

    Hi all, I'm thinking of making another wetroom, but this time - because we've a cement floor and stone and block walls, because I hate tiling so much, and because I get bored easily, I'm thinking of using some kind of render for the walls and floor, possibly coloured, possibly with stones or...