wifi thermostat

  1. L

    Best thermostat for UFH water heating

    Hello I am getting UFH water heating installed in my new extension. I need the ability to be controlled via WiFi and want ot to be separated in parallel to my existing rads. I have a baxi boiler. This UFH will be a separate zone. Can anyone suggest a good reliable WiFi thermostat that we can...
  2. S

    problem with connecting BEOK WiFi thermostat to smartphone

    Hi, I'm not sure that where i should ask my question but here it goes. I'm trying to test this WiFi AC2 BEOK thermostat I want to connect it to my smartphone and I downloaded the mention app in this manual and I'm doing the steps as mentioned in this manual. but I can't connect my phone to this...
  3. MeldrewsMate

    Remote switching of two letting rooms annexed to pub.

    My mate Angie (she's lovely) has a pub (and that's why she needs to remain my mate). She has two letting rooms in an annex. The heating system for these two rooms can (and will) be made independant of the rest of the building. The proposal is to install two SonOff TH10 wi-fi switches to allow...
  4. R

    Samsung EHS control board rs-232 serial interface

    Very specific question here for folks who have owned / installed a Samsung EHS Monobloc heat pump. I'm looking to buy one myself in a month or two, but am scoping out possibilities of monitoring this appliance locally using a self-hosted platform (home assistant, for the curious). I am aware...
  5. kinning

    MOES WiFi Smart Thermostat, replacing a on/off switch

    Hi hope someone can help, I have read and got a lot of answers in the past, but couldn't sort this. I've purchased "MOES WiFi Smart Thermostat" from amazon, and need it t replace a simple on/off switch that controls the boiler. Pics below of inside the current switch. Wiring diagram for the new...
  6. M

    Replace existing thermostat with WiFi version

    I'm planning on replacing my existing danfoss tp4/5000 with one of the numerous WiFi thermostats available from China. There are a few different designs but the contacts are more or less the same. Just want to clarify the following will work. Attached is a picture of my current thermostat with...
  7. N

    WiFi Thermostat Install

    I’m wanting to replace my original Honeywell thermostat for a WiFi one but I’m stuck on the wiring. I have a grey, earth, black (with brown sheath) and brown wire. Im told the new thermostat only requires a live and neutral, with a possibility of needing to bridge across 2 connectors. The old...
  8. G

    WIFI room thermostat – have I done the cable bit correct?

    Good afternoon. I’m after some confirmation. Just changed over from an old rotating Honeywell room thermostat to a new WIFI digital one. It’s connected to my Potterton gas boiler via the switch unit underneath. (see pics). I’m aware that I have to leave the ‘CH’ slider to constant ‘ON’ to...
  9. S

    Help Needed Fitting New Thermostat!

    Hi all, I am in need of a little help... Boiler: Worcester Bosch RD532i Current Thermostat: TR2 Room Thermostat New Thermostat: BHT-6000 I want to fit the new thermostat to the boiler, but the wiring is very confusing and even though I have extensive knowledge of renovation, some wiring and...