worcester 24i

  1. N

    Snapped boiler filler key

    Could anyone offer some sensible advice on how to remove the snapped off remains of a Worcester Junior boiler filler key that is stuck in the valve. I was attempting to turn up the pressure gauge. When trying to pull the key out it snap, I have seen advice on other forums that suggest using...
  2. J

    Loud noise from Worcester-Bosch Greenstar 24i combi boiler - only heating

    Hi all, My Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i combi boiler has recently started to make a very loud buzzing / drone noise, usually within about 5 minutes to 1 hour after the heating has turned on. The problem only seems to happen when calling for heating, it has never happened when using hot water...
  3. S

    Separate CH & HW control on an old Worcester 24i RSF..?

    My son has recently bought a house that’s fitted with a (fairly old) Worcester 24i RSF combi boiler. This has a strange setup for hot water and central heating control which makes no sense to me. When I downloaded the manual, it seems to confirm that there is no electrical connection that would...
  4. W

    Boiler not Igniting 24

    Hi Can someone please help, my Worcester Junior 24i boiler is not Igniting. The pressure did drop before I noticed and I've fixed that. Now there's no green light but I hear a lot of ticking after I reset it. I think the pressure dropped because we turned on a rad that was off for a long...
  5. A

    Worcester Bosch filling issue - Help needed !!

    Hi there, I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 24i junior combi boiler. We recently had a leak on one of the rads in the house and I soaked up at least 4lt of water. This was about 4 days ago. Everything was till tonight when the boiler stopped working (typically a Friday night). I tried to top up...
  6. 1

    Worcester 24i Junior Boiler no longer communicates with thermostats

    Hi there, our boiler has stopped responding to thermostats. We have tried a few different thermostats, the relays click away and it sends the signal to ignite but the boiler doesn't do as its asked. I checked the condition of the wiring thinking something might have came loose but everything is...
  7. ThePrisonerOfZenda

    Worcester combi boiler- Luke warm water situation

    I have a Worcester 25i combi boiler and would appreciate any advice... issue - my hot water isn't hot.. This last week, its started running luke warm... I gave the heating a blast this evening & hoped that it might do something helpful, but no, radiators were indeed red hot... water still only...
  8. F

    Worcester Combi Junior 24i Kettling CH

    Hi there, I have a 10-15 year old Worcester Combi Junior 24i that kettles only on Central Heating cold start. This winter is the first time it's started doing it. When it kettles, if I turn off the boiler via the thermostat for a few minutes then turn it back on again it runs no problem until...
  9. L

    Worcester 24i boiler sometimes fails to ignite.

    Hi guys, I have a Worcester 24i boiler which sometimes fails to ignite. I have checked the following - Water pressure is between 1.5 & 2.0 when cold. - On the top, reset switch is not tripped. When It works, it works fine. I think, there is a leakage in the system as I have to top-up the...