Snapped boiler filler key

24 Dec 2023
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United Kingdom
Could anyone offer some sensible advice on how to remove the snapped off remains of a Worcester Junior boiler filler key that is stuck in the valve. I was attempting to turn up the pressure gauge. When trying to pull the key out it snap, I have seen advice on other forums that suggest using pliers to pull out the remains, unfortunately there is nothing to grab with pliers.
What can you suggest please?


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Bend wire this shape. Push in ends and grab then pull key out might work
If the boiler still fills then I wouldn't worry about it for now.

As long as you turn the filling knob totally off there is no immediate problem.
The red light is still flashing, thunk the remains of the key may be in the off position.
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get a heavy gauge screw and screw it into the hole you maybe able to turn it to fill il it then leave it in place with filling knob off
Any ideas on how much it would cost to have someone replace the charging link assembly? If indeed that is the right suggestion.

Go on YouTube and that'll have it for you.

Wouldn't know cost for Manchester but you could just have an external filling loop installed if it were a problem replacing integral part.
Get a fat screw, longest you have. Heat it up so it softens the plastic and screw it in. Let it cool. Then you have a chance to turn it either way. Or melt a slot for a very big screwdriver using a hot vbs.
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