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  1. A

    Worcester Bosch 280 RSF pressure etc. problems

    Morning All, Could I ask your advice about problems with a Worcester Bosch 280 RSF, GC 47 311 11? Initial symptoms were that the domestic hot water was taking a long time to get hot, the top half of the radiator nearest the boiler stayed cold, and the boiler had partly lost pressure a couple...
  2. XrayDave

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Boiler / CH issue - SOLVED

    Hi folks, Apologies in advance if I use the incorrect terminology in describing the problem. First, some History. The current system is a WB Greenstar 8300iW 30 S (or maybe 35 S) condensing boiler. No cold-water header tank in loft, not a combi-boiler (we have a hot water tank in the airing...
  3. T

    NEST controlling Pre-heat function on WB 30i

    Hi all, My WB 30i combi obviously provides DHW on demand at all times when a tap is opened. It has a preheat function to provide a small amount of pre-heated water to reduce DHW heating times - manual control is via the ECO/PREHEAT button. It also has a (usually linked) input to presumably...
  4. H

    Drayton Wiser install with Worcester Bosch CDI30

    Hi, Looking for advice to confirm how to wire up a new Drayton Wiser 1 channel smart thermostat to a Worcester Bosch CDI30. This will replaces an existing Drayton LP20RF dual channel digistat and wireless thermostat (easily removed). As there’s no existing wall plate I need to wire this in...
  5. J

    help - worcester bosch greenstar not turning off with hive controller

    Hi, Brand new worcester bosch installed two days ago with hive controller. Turns on as per schedule in the morning but then does not turn off at all unless done manually using the boiler controls. Installer says hive is working fine as is the boiler and the fix requires a new 'suppressor'...
  6. C

    WB Heatslave ii not powering up

    After switching my consumer unit off temporarily to check a switch, my boiler (oil WB Greenstar Heatslave ii combi, only a few months old) won't come back on. The LCD is blank and the wireless thermostat had a Fault A21 which just means it can't find its friend. Any ideas? I've checked the FCU...
  7. S

    Help Needed Fitting New Thermostat!

    Hi all, I am in need of a little help... Boiler: Worcester Bosch RD532i Current Thermostat: TR2 Room Thermostat New Thermostat: BHT-6000 I want to fit the new thermostat to the boiler, but the wiring is very confusing and even though I have extensive knowledge of renovation, some wiring and...
  8. S

    Worcester Bosch Greenstar Ri Frost protection

    Hi, I have a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 18Ri regular boiler installed within my garage. There is also a Honeywell T4360 Frost Thermostat installed just above and to the left of the boiler. The problem I was having was that the Frost Thermostat was kicking in in cold weather and firing up the...
  9. K

    Advice needed with Worcester Bosch and Salus RT500rf

    Hello I could do with some advice on changing my analogue stat for a Salus RT500rf. I have a Worcester boiler and my hope was to simply swap over and run a sep mains to the same source as the boiler and then use the existing wiring for the stat to Salus. My boiler has an analogue programmer...
  10. T

    Hive Wiring to Worcester 37CDi Combi - Replacing Honeywell BDR91

    Hi All, I'm having trouble wiring up my Hive receiver to my Worcester Bosch 37CDi Combi. I'm replacing a Honeywell BDR91 wireless receiver which only had 4x wires going to it L, N, A & B. I thought it would be simple enough to wire up the Hive receiver but I'm getting nowhere! I've...
  11. N

    Worcester Bosch R35 HE Plus Combi - Flow Rate

    I have the above boiler and am getting a flow rate (measured from 2 different taps) of just over 7 litres / minute. The quoted flow rate (with a 35 degree rise) is 14.6 litres / minute. I realise with outside temperatures (and therefore water input temp) low that I wont get 14.6 l/m but should...
  12. N

    Nest install / wiring question

    I’m looking to self install a Nest Learning Thermostat on my Worcester Bosch 280 boiler. The wiring looks straight forward, but I just wanted to sense check before I go ahead. The boiler doesn’t have a stat currently, so on the stat section has an unused N connection. 1 & 2 are jumpered (2 shows...
  13. D

    Worcester 42cdi main heat exchanger removal

    Hi all I am replacing a main heat exchanger in a green star 42cdi boiler, all straight forward apart from removal of the bottom pipe from the heat exchanger, has anyone got any tip in how to remove it Many thanks Dave
  14. Y

    Worcester Bosch R 30 HE Plus - "FC" Flashing Code

    Hello It's been a little while since I last posted - that's because I've had not problems since last time! Anyway, last night I noticed that the heating was still on when it should have stopped some time ago. I went to the boiler to find that the 2-digit display was flashing "FC". The display...
  15. C

    Replacement of Danfoss 102 controller with Hive 2 Active Heating

    Hi Everyone, I'm sure this has probably been asked before, I've read most of the posts on the Hive system so I think I have this correct but would like confirmation. I have a Worcester Bosch Oil fired boiler, no thermostat, and a gravity fed water tank. I currently have no way of controlling...
  16. J

    Worcester Bosch CDC classic with 'Wave' controller

    Looking for some advice and or comments regarding my new combo boiler. I had a new Worcester Bosch 38cdi Classic combi boiler and smart 'Wave' controller / thermostat installed last January (i.e. 10 months old) by a local gas safe registered heating engineer. Everything appears to be working...