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I don't know, but I do know that the political class, labour and the conservatives, are the problem. A starting point would be to wake the people up to what is happening, which is that we are slowly being robbed of our wealth and our freedom. The people are apathetic and the mainstream media will not help. In Romania the people marched on the government building, took out the president and killed him. I'm not advocating any killings, but certainly there needs to be a mobilisation of people against the state.
What I'm about to type can be construed as pessimistic. I'll assert it's realistic. Since year dot, humankind has functioned that way i.e. a hierarchy where you have people in authority and the masses being controlled, taxed, kept in their lane etc. Obviously the degree of control imposed on the masses varies from country to country, however it exists everywhere nevertheless. Can you give me one, just one example, of a country where the high majority of the population would say there is near 100% parity in their socioeconomic model?

And I'll say it again, let's say the masses 'wake up' and overturn our national governments. Exactly what is it being replaced with? Who would be in control in this new world, who would be calling the shots? If you're asserting decisions should be more collaborative e.g. everything by national/local committee including a whole bunch of so-called ordinary people, to me that would lead to even more disagreements, infighting, inefficiency etc.

Remember, the day after the status quo has been quashed, business still needs to function, the NHS still needs run, potholes still need filled. All of that and more requires an administrative and financial process behind it.

Trust me, if 'the state' was removed, it would simply be replaced by another version. And never forgot, our old friends greed, corruption, a desire for power are never far away regardless of who's calling the shots ...
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