heres a way to get petrols prices down // pass this around

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The profit margin on petrol is very low and yet no one moan about the price of a pint of lager averaging between £2.80 - £3.00 and cost just 7p a pint !!!!!!!

Chris Hunt, at the UK Petrol Industry Association, which represents oil refiners, said that it was "nonsense" for anyone to blame oil companies for the high price of petrol.

"Back in 1974 there were 16 refineries and 20,000 service stations in Britain. There are now 8 refineries and 9,000 petrol stations. If we were profiteering, why would all these be shutting down?"

He said the weak pound was the main reason why prices had risen.
Noise energy! the energy of the future....
Most energy losses are down to heat and noise, so, build an engine that runs on noise energy.
The plus side is, if you have your missus in, you'll never run out of fuel. :LOL:
that would be an octave engine then.

where's my poem gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would like to know whats happened to all these devices and substitutes for petrol, that the oil companies are have supposed to have suppressed, by buying out the inventors.

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