Electric Car Infrastructure

Middle of nowhere? Not at all, old fellow, best part of town. Footballers live here, as do many multi-millionaires....not bragging, mind!

Cheap? No.......! Valued recently in xs of 300K, 5 bed detatched. Can't remeber what band CT is, but bill was 1400 last year.

I'm not bragging, though. I know I am very very lucky to be in a position to have no mortgage, and there are a great many who struggle like mad. That's not to say I don't, but at least not to pay the mortgage. Mind you, the kids are at least as much......

Pity those with 3+ kids AND a mortgage...
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£1400 5 bed det ? Cheap,cheap !! wait 'til they do the mischief rebanding, and revaluing, with a bit of social engineering thrown in.
Looking at £170k being the 'norm' value below which CT will be less and above, considerably more !! eg £340k will be more than double the prospective £170 CT bill. It's gonna hurt !!
Will not, overall seem like a step change, but will for some of us ... Local council did it here by removing schoolkids bus-pass, no structured reduction to nothing over a period .. Just bang .. done ! 3.5 mile to school, so 7m round trip ... £17 for 6 days only for use on the allocated bus / times.
So there goes the CA into private hands !!
A family nearby with 4 children at school, just moved out of the area - to escape £57 per wk school bus fares !!! The local council will also be looking for congestion charges soon !! Parents between rock and hard place !! ....
Kids do not have as many 'rights' as some I could mention ...A blooqy scandal .. from a Labour Govn too !
BTW In Leicester, bought bus ticket 7 days, anytime (except a defined early hrs period) any where .. £7.50 !!
Must be above N / S divide I suppose !

Ref: Electric cars ... more to the point, running them.

Quote from R-R literature relating to Power generation ..... TransCanada installed 1st RB211-6761 in compressor station at Nordegg, Can rocky Mnts .. replacing RB211-6456 (1989) model. Gained massive reduction in fuel consumed, saving equal to annual heating reqs of 2,000 homes !!
The new gas turbine produces 82% fewer NOx emissions equivalent to taking 70,000 cars off the road

I believe this shows that there must be many power generation gas-turbines at the 1989 level or below, so 70k/0.82= 85,365 cars emissions per annum each !!
So, increase the electricity requirements, increase the generation, increase the emissions ... coupled with the problem of battery disposal.
I cannot see personal electric travel for the masses ... But then, we are being told that the honeymoon is almost over .. Do we believe it ?

To make it viable more efficient non polluting ways of charging would have to be devised
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Roll on ITER: If we could all stop the squabbling between nations then we could finally decide whether or not to build it in France or Japan and we would be a lot closer to commercial fusion power (ITER is possibly the last step before this).

Of course, certain countries (i.e. the US!) have grave reservations about it being in France... All it takes is for one group to switch their choice and we can start building the sucker. :D

Nuclear fusion still produces nasty byproducts, of course. But a lot less than fission... and even solar cells have nasty chemicals in them so you would have to weigh up small areas of concentrated (and possibly well-stored) waste against a large area of slightly less harmful waste.
What about investing heavily into bringing the price of Hydrogen Cells to a viable price? we could sell off the by-product to Coca Cola :LOL:
Wonder when countires like Oz will develope efficient technology to enable ' solar power farming' ? get some use out of those desert regions.

I thought they had actually started construction of that greenhouse + chimney with wind turbines affair?

Brilliant idea for anyone who hasn't seen it: massive area of desert with basically a greenhouse over it, shaped like an upturned funnel. All the air gets heated inside, so rises. As it passes through the "chimney" in the middle, it drives turbines to generate electricity. More cool air is sucked in around the perimeter of the greenhouse the whole time this happens. Very simple, but hopefully very effective.

That is the company who are making it.

Apparently the principal was tested in Spain from 1982 to 1989 in a small 50kW plant. The Australian offering will cover 20,000 acres (7500 Ha for those who prefer their bananas straight) of desert and the chimney will be about 1km high.

All in all, spankingly marvellous.

Australia are well on their way to a sustainable power supply with the projects they have on the go... Would be interesting to see what we can do for our 60 million people with our tiny land mass!!! But, perhaps in the longterm, this will be a benefit of Europe: a de-regulated grid EU wide, so even if we only generate 50% of our power requirements then Spain's large area and small population will lend towards helping us out. :idea:
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