“deluded Thunbergian frenzy” by Giles Coren

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, hybrid is the way to go. Electric for short local hops, fossil fuel for longer trips, no hassle with finding an electric charger. ,
All the complexity of ICE, most of the added cost of an EV. The idea is nice, the reality is less good.
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My nephew has a hybrid mondeo, lovely car. He's had it a few years now without issue. He still doesn't get the MPG my diesel Passat does.
Hybrid should be standard on all cars by now.

But it's almost academic, EVs were something like 18% of the market last year on average, up 40% from the year before. This year will be higher, despite the reduced incentives.

If BYD start delivering to the UK then the flood gates really open. We're still on track for ICE being a novelty choice by 2030.
My mate drives an iPace; loves it.
It is also a rocket ship - 4s to 60 - and hasn't given him an issue in the 2 yrs he's had it. (Apart from him stuffing it down a crater while driving down a Cornish lane).
Changing it now though, for a Volvo EV summat or another, as Jaaaag is out of lease.

Hybrid-wise though, many of our works cars are hybrids and, while most of the lads and lasses say they're pleasant to drive, they all reckon straight diesels are better (for what we use them for; some days of urban bashing, some days of motorways, diary can flick like a switch).
Double the range per tank, quieter, faster.

As charging is hit and miss, time is money, and we regularly do 500 miles a day - sometimes one site, sometimes 6 or more - current EVs wouldn't work for our industry.
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Last November I drove my diesel van from Bristol to a small town near Ostrava on the far side of Czech Republic on the Polish border. A journey of over 1100 miles in approx 2.5 days. My journey took me from UK, through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Poland and into CZ. When low on fuel I would refill the tank to the brim - giving me a range of 700 miles before next refuel. I doubt if the total time spent refuelling my vehicle took more than 15 or 20 mins for the whole journey. I can't imagine how I would have attempted this journey in an EV - constantly worrying about running out of juice every 100 or 200 miles, fretting about finding the next charge point. Would they have the correct chargers? Would they be working? Will there be a queue for chargers? What if I don't make it to the next charger? Do they even have EVs in the places I'm going to? What would I do while I sat in a cold EV waiting for the damn thing to recharge?

EVs. Not for me.
Although we discussed improving charge times in another thread, I think charging (versus refueling) is still a major stumbling block. It makes me laugh when they try to sell it as a benefit e.g. 'whilst your car is recharging, grab a coffee and chill for 15-20 mins maybe reading a paper or magazine.'

In other words, if you want to charge up from near empty to full in a few mins ... forget it ;)

Having said that, in the interests of balance, I do get the fact that EV ownership can and does work for some, especially if just trundling around a relatively small geographical area.
Have just realised the article came from GB news site.

Enough said
The article was printed in The Times on Saturday.
I always take his gufff with a pinch of salt; especially his restaurant reviews.
Nowhere near as good as A.A. Gill.