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25 Jan 2004
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United Kingdom
I just had an interesting thought.

As petrol prices generally increase over time, could one offset this escalating cost through buying it now and storing it?

I drive 6-7000 miles a year. So, in 2 years I drive about 13000 miles. At an average of 35mpg, that is 371 gallons, or 1687 litres.

If I had bought those 2 years of petrol 2 years ago, it would have cost me 76.2 pence per litre (according to the AA). So, that is £1285.49, assuming it costs the same as the forecourt price, delivered to my home.

However, buying it 42 litres at a time, filling up 1.67 times per month, would mean I would be paying more as the fuel costs escalate.

But let's take a worse-case. Assume I paid for all that fuel at 2005 prices. That would be 85.9p per litre at today's prices. So, that would be a cost of £1449.13.

A difference of £163.64. In real terms it is probably closer to £80, as the prices are hiked over time.

Is it possible to buy a 1.7m³ tank and pump, and install them underground, and pay whatever licence fees are required for around £80? :D And do you get a discount if you buy bulk?

Of course, if you are a professional driver then you could possibly make this method pay, however you probably have access to special filling stations at the depot already.
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I'm afraid it's against the law to store more than 20 litres in 2 x 10 litres container at home if that where you're talking about storing it.

The containers must also be kept in a garage or shed but not attached to a building, if it is, then it must be protected by fire door. example: garage to building

I got this link from work as we do fire training, see here

Having diesel could be a lot cheaper to run but having said that the diesel car are dearer to start with. I'm getting between 54 to 67 mpg and worked out it would take about 2 1/2 years to offset the cost against petrol car prices.
Various business's have tried this from time to time and it has worked untill the bottom falls out of the oil price so they dont bother anymore.

Going for you is the fact that China is taking off big time, but this will just cause a switch to other fuel as prices climb and then maybe a price crash.

Better still would be to sell the car and travel by taxi or bus so work out how much you would save that way----probably find its a lot cheaper
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