08 fusion cam belt

1 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom
Does anyone know the recommended mileage to get the cambelt changed I'm on 60k at the moment
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Looking at the petrol engine - 1.25, 1.4 or the 1.6 Ford say 100k miles (or 10 years)...which I reckon is pushing it a bit!
Beware....if you are going to have a crack at it, the crankshaft pulley is NOT keyed to the crankshaft :eek: Found that out the bloody hard way! Locking kits are essential.
John :)
Im definitely not going to have a go at it lol

Ok so like i thought its due now really.

Any idea on rough cost?
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You are looking at around 3 hours labour plus the parts.....you dont need a water pump as that is driven by the alternator belt but you will need the tensioner.
No need to go to a Ford dealer! An independant garage up here would be around £175 labour.
John :)