15YO boiler condemned as flue too long??? Please advise?

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In the time it took that Engineer to do all that paperwork (AR) he could have found the terminal, fixed it back with a couple of self tappers, measured the flue length to compare with MI's - if that terminal is less than 2 mtr from the ground it will need a wire guard this could be classified as NCS at worst, but then some companies see a boiler of that age and think pound notes!!£££££££££££££££££££££££££ :(

I agree!

Why Should I exchange a working boiler for a new condensing one that probably won't provide much more efficiency without changing the entire radiator system?
If I can get out of this contract, I will pay an independent to do a thorough safety inspection. Forget the insurance!
I've been told (after spending £100 on a call out that did nothing) that this boiler is no longer supported for parts, but when I look on Ebay there are plenty at a fraction of the original retail.
In my opinion there have been so many boiler replacements that spare parts are in abundance.

Ebay parts does not necessary mean main stream parts suppliers stock them. Which big companies go to, to buy parts
Ebay parts does not necessary mean main stream parts suppliers stock them. Which big companies go to, to buy parts

I agree, but this was said by an independent. Others may say different?
I'm not making a point in that regard, just that I'm happy with what I have and will stick with it. It's a simple boiler to repair, in most cases without massive expense, so why not?
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I dont disagree with you ,far too many boilers exchanged on the lie of massive savings to be made with a new condensing boiler
Without a flue terminal, the products of combustion get sucked back in, instead of fresh unvitiated air.

As such, and as mentioned by a responsible poster earlier, it is immediately dangerous. And should be made safe.

This does not mean running round the garden searching, or trying to self tap screws into a flue that has not, by the look of the picture, not got enough sticking out of the wall or a safe position to work on it to put the screws in.

Someone has saved you from a dangerous situation.

If you must keep an old boiler working expect to pay an independant on an hourly rate as and when needed. Few maintainers are going to want to subsidise you by taking on an old, poorly installed heap.

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