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27 Oct 2003
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United Kingdom
Hi folks

Hope you can help. Yesterday my hard disk crashed and nothing was retrievable (guy in the pc shop couldn't even get the disk to be seen) so have a new hard disk and myriad of wee problems getting it all set up again. I'll post them here just in case they are related.

Got Windows XP, Office 2000, AVG free antivirus v7, Noadware and Tiscali ISP

1) Keep getting a pop up that says something like "180search assistant has been unnstalled by 3rd party application" and offers me to option to reinstall. Anybody know what this is? Do I need it? Is it a bit of spyware?

2) When I first try to get online via Tiscali I get a dialogue box that says "MailReg. 10060. The attempt to connect timed out" and I have to click OK. Sometimes this comes up immediately the modem has dialled up, so seems a bit quick for a time out. Never had this problem with the previous set up. Any ideas?

3) When I tried to register AVG it detected that I have Roxio Easy CD Creator (or v similar name) and says this conflicts with AVG v7. I don't want Roxio (I have Nero) but can't find it to deinstall it. I looked in the Program Files but couldn't see it. How do I find it so I can gash it?

Many thanks

PS That's the last time I make a joke about acts of God. The last thing I did before the crash was post this
//www.diynot.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=23887 and I lost the project I am doing for college .. had only backed up to hard disk...ouch :cry: :cry: :cry: Bought a USB memory port yesterday. I am soooo good at locking the door after the RAM has bolted.
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Sounds like spyware, but if it's just been reloaded, it should be clean. Search this forum for spyware for some detailed answers. I would suggest you download something like pestpatrol, spybot or one of the many progs. Better still, if you haven't loaded all your stuff, reload it all from scratch and get it the way you want.

Does your old hard drive still spin? If so, it's still possible to get the data without going to £££ extremes. Email me if you want to discuss this further.
Thanks Igorian, you were right spyware was messing things up a treat and Noadware needed a patch to make it run ok with AVG antivirus. After many emails back and forth with Noadware support, it is all sorted.

As to the data recovery, if you can no longer assist, please could you let me know as the deadline fopr my project is getting close so I need to re-do it if data recovery isn't a possibility.

Hi min,

I replied to your email. Can you send the drive to me and i'll see what I can do. I do a lot of data recovery business and have good success rates.

If you want to do this, i'll email my address. I'll pretty much have a good idea if it can be recovered the same day I receive the drive.


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That would be brilliant. Just need your address. Looks like my previous emails to you didn't get through, so please can you mail me your address?
Many thanks and fingers crossed you are the knight in shining armour!
Only got 1 email, which I replied to. I've emailed you my address, so send when ready.