Can Java make me slow?

15 Nov 2005
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Yesterday, as I have not been able to access online banking at Alliance & Leicester, I had a look at their Q&A and downloaded Java from Sun using their link. I checked the config per instrs, and ran their "test" which says working correctly. I also installed some photoprocessing packages that came with my scanner, and a new scanner driver, and upgraded to a newer version of Zonealarm, though none of them seemed to cause a prob until I installed Java (last).

Since then, I've noticed that opening a new IE window (by right-click on a link, like to read a post in one of these forums) there is a 4-second pause between clicking on "open in new window" and the new window opening. CPU usage briefly flicks up from about 5% to 100% during that period. I was previously getting sub-second response.

I experimentally uninstalled the photo apps but this has not helped. i can't see how/if I can experimentally uninstall Java. I experimentally disabled ZoneAlarm but that didn't help, so I am focussed on Java being the culprit.

I have 768MB memory and an Athlon 1.8. Norton Systemworks and ZoneAlarm are running. I have run AdAware and Norton antivirus and cleared the internet caches, and optimised the disk. WinXP OEM Home is up-to-date.

If I use an already-open IE window, and refresh it, or go to a new URL, there is no hang and CPU usage only goes to about 19%, then back to about 10%
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Java should not slow down your pc as it is very small coding. I develop web sites and can say that where i can use java i will, because it's quick. More likely in my opinion to be something you have installed recently (not java) which is causing your problem.
i have a fairly low spec pc at home 2.4 Gig P4 with over 700MB of ram.. but a crappy motherboard.
if i run apps which use java then my pc pretty much crashes. video goes all screwy and i need to redraw the screen by moving the mouse over it.. (kind of like repainting it!!)
Graphic card is a Nvidia 5200 PCI oevrclocked and with 256Mb so ok its dated but its not that bad..
anyway.. the crux of it is java screws my pc up too...
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Hmmm, I wonder if I can uninstall it?