2004 Peugeot 307 sw Injection Pump

16 Jan 2006
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Newport, S Wales.
United Kingdom
I thought id ask here as there are some knowledgeable folk on the Hdi engines.
I have a leaky pump on a friends car, its leaking form the electro valve to pump body area on the rear of the pump.
Its a bosch unit i believe on the 2.0 engine.
I dont want to start stripping and re sealing it myself as it could turn out to be a nightmare and i want to try and fit and forget first time to avoid repeat visits.
Does anyone know of any good reconditioners out there?
Ive seen these but would rather go on somebodys recommendation thn buying blind.
Thanks in advance.
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Considering some breakers are asking around the ton for a second hand pump (came from a good runnin' car, guv) the reconditioned one is the way to go I think.
I haven't used this firm as there's a similar firm near to me.
For sure I wouldn't delve inside myself as the conditions need to be clinically clean really - and I'd consider getting a local garage to fit it as they are likely to have the correct timing belt locking tools and whatever.
Some specialists recommend replacing the pipe to the common rail, too.
If you intend to use this firm, can you ask them what the immobiliser aspects are?
John :)
I will drop them an email to find out about the immobiliser.
I wouldnt mind the contact details of that company you use if they are reliable.
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Sure, they are called Thomas Fuel Injection, Blyth, Northumberland.
I have been very impressed with them but I don't know if they do mail order - there will always be a hefty surcharge on these pumps.
Regarding the Pug, it's wise to replace the timing belt, water pump and tensioner with the roller guide too....that'll be another £140 including coolant I guess.
John :)