2010 Audi 2.0TDI engines?

I like those wheels, they are the easiest design to keep clean and very similar to my Toyota.


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I used to drive a passat 56 reg and suffered oil pump failure due to a design flaw of the hexagonal drive

My friend had exactly the same failure on an A4 2.0 Diesel Cabriolet he bought for his wife.

He borrowed my engine hoist to lift it out and remove the sump etc.

There was a "man in a shed" that was modifying the oil pump drive.

My mate showed me the original bits that came out and basically the oil pump (possibly scavenge pump?) is driven by what looks like a 6mm allen key!.

The bloke who re engineered it said he was doing 10 a week at that point.

The 1.9's are nigh on bullet proof.
Is that the guy that was well known for doing cylinder head work?

You know what, it could be a possibility!. Think the original "man in a shed" turned professional a fair few years back though? (proper workshop etc).

Hopefully your Audi is a good one Ian.
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