2010 Audi 2.0TDI engines?

14 Sep 2010
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United Kingdom
My daughter is looking at getting a new car and I wondered if that was a good choice of engine?

She does a 50mile commute to Uni and back 3 times a week and 5miles to work on the other 2 days.

I seem to remember some VW TDI engines of the same age drinking oil so wondered if that was the same one?

Although if it’s lasted 9 years there’s no reason it wouldn’t last another 9.
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We bought a new Golf in 2009 that had the 2.0 TDI engine. Had it for three years and had no problems. Our 2008 1.9 TDI is coming up to 96k and again, no problems. They are pretty strong engines if looked after. Like all VW's though, they say you should change the timing belt (and water pump) at regular intervals. 4 years though irrespective of mileage which I think is a bit over the top if you don’t do many miles.
I agree, this is an excellent engine if cared for and it isn't known for oil consumption.
The PD motor is a smoker after a few miles and was replaced by a common rail system.
The 1.6 lump is very good too and only needs a timing belt at 110k miles.
John :)
Thanks, the other option would be the petrol TFSI but she preferred the diesel.

And the other thing I wondered, the ones she is looking at are Quattro. Is that going to be more expensive to run/service?
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The only real difference - the A3 is FWD by default - is the transmission has a Haldex clutch on the rear diff that engages when the car needs extra traction. Most times you won't even realise its there but the difference in snowy conditions is dramatic.
The Haldex needs an oil and filter change - not a job for the faint hearted - every 40k miles but I do it at 30k.
I guess there has to be an MPG trade off somewhere as the engine has to spin a propshaft too but I'd discount that.
Good luck with the search!
John :)
I'm guessing a 2010 would be the common rail engine which is also very good, we had a 140 bhp version in an A3 and I thought it was a peach of an engine.
Much more refined than the pd engine and pokey too.
The 2.0 pd engine wasn't so much of a hit as the 1.9 and did have it's problems but i doubt it's one of those.
Purely an observation.....
I've 'timing belted' two 1.6 common rail VAG engines, both 15 plates and high mileage - one at 102k and the other at 115k.
The belts made it no problems, as did the water pump, but both had howling tensioners! I still reckon 110k is pushing it a bit.
John :)
She bought it, it’s a 168bhp engine, 48,000miles, full service history including the 4x4 oil being done.


Need to get the driveway done now!!
She bought it, it’s a 168bhp engine, 48,000miles, full service history including the 4x4 oil being done. Need to get the driveway done now!!

I suppose you’ll be making that her next job then! :LOL:
Sorry mate, got in my mind it was an A3 for some reason :confused:
John :)

An easy mistake to make (y) They all look similar from the front, she took a pic of me driving it back:


The only thing I don’t like are the wheels, when she is due tyres I will suggest swapping them for some other TT ones
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