Car hunting again

17 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
My brother in law had his S40 diesel written off last week so now hunting for another car.

2nd one he's had written off whilst the Misses was driving it so she's not allowed to drive the next one.

He seems focused on a big VW TDI such as a Passat, based on budget, 2008 or newer.

I've seen a few Citroen C5 diesels with 1.6 and 2.0 engines, the 1.6 being 110BHP which is 10 more than my Bora TDI.

Any issues with the C5 of around 2008-2010 manufacture?
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HDi's are usually solid, but a nightmare if they go wrong.
VW electronic handbrakes are also a nightmare if they go wrong.
French electrics can be problematic.

What is his budget? 2-3K?

This looks good for the money. New&onesearchad=New&year-from=2008&page=1
Or, if his budget is limited, there's an 2008 with higher miles for £1K:
Thanks for posting.

You're on the money with budget. Miles max about 120k.

The car's needed for the end of the month so plenty of time for the right one to materialize.

There's a few Passats and C5s to consider.
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Any make of vehicle with a mega mileage is going to be a there anything in the Kia / Hyundai range that would suit?
John :)

Are you saying that you feel that any engine -without known problems - is suspect at 100, 000 ?
In my experience, the HDi's are mostly robust and do mega mileages without major headaches.

But French electrics of the 12V vareity can be a burger to sort through. I've had two Citroens go well over 100K without any drama whatsoever. A 1988 BX 19RD and a 1996 Xantia TDi. Admittedly, both were pre HDi, but those are fine engines: PSA really know how to build a decent Diesel.
Any make of vehicle with a mega mileage is going to be a there anything in the Kia / Hyundai range that would suit?
John :)
OOI John, what do you call mega-mileage?

I've run a Monty diesel to 180K, no worries. If BL can do it.....!!
Most engines will do high mileages without great problems - so long as they have had regular oil and filter changes. Its the auxiliary parts I’m on about.....turbos, alternators, injectors, dual mass flywheels, clutches and so on.....any replacement of which could give a new owner a heart attack :eek: and reduce the value of the vehicle to scrap. In this respect, no manufacturer is better than another.
Ive seen cylinder heads reduced to mush due to old coolant, which is hard to spot until the engine overheats.
I’m no great fan of French car electrics but I do admire their rustproofing and paintwork. The DV6 is a very crisp performing diesel which has the stigma of turbo blowing.....again, that’s a bit unfair but ignore oil changes at your peril. The XUD’s were brilliant and economical.
I think Id look out for something like a BMW 330 diesel - a great 6 cylinder lump but if your brother is happy with Volvo, there should be lots about.
John :)
Car hunt over!

I got a message last night to let my know they've got a 2009 Audi A3 TDI estate with 120k miles.

The belt was done last year and I've advised them to use 5w30 507.00 engine oil.

Thanks All for posting.
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