3-pin push connectors instead of plug socket??

18 Feb 2021
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United Kingdom
I moved into a new house and in the fridge space in the kitchen, instead of a normal 3-pin plug socket, there is just a wire coming out the wall with a '3-pin push connector' (image below) on. Does anyone know how I'm meant to plug my fridge into this? Am I to cut the normal plug off the fridge and connect the push connector to the fridge cable instead? Or somehow connect an ordinary 3-pin socket via the push connector? I've not seen this before so am confused about what to do?

Screenshot 2022-07-04 at 07.59.10.png
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Your options are many, although a photo of the actual wire coming out of the wall and the socket, may help us narrow your options down.
The actual socket/plug may be more like these:
These are more appropriate connectors than the image you link to, with built-in cable strain relief etc.

However, (depending on the cable in the wall and whether it is fused!), you could install a socket and backbox, or use one of these:

Hopefully that may give you some ideas? :)
Personally I would want to investigate further, where does it come from, is it fused to an appropriate size. In theory the fuse in the plug is only to protect the cable, if the appliance needs a fuse, it should be built into the appliance, and any socket should be in free air to cool the heat from the fuse, in practice at 5 amp and below there is not any real cooling problem so no problem having the socket for the freezer not in free air, and the fuse does offer some protection to the appliance, so I would at least fit something like this, 1656923510608.pngbut in theory nothing to stop using any connections to BS 1363 (fuses to BS 1362), BS 546 (fuses, if any, to BS 646), BS 196, and BS EN 60309-2 are also permitted for an installation, and many more for wandering leads etc.

But with a British ring final you need the 13 amp fuse, so it would likely come from some fused connection unit, FCU and I would want to ensure that it was there.

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