99 Focus knocking sound from suspension

1 Mar 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi...have a 99 focus saloon Ghia that gives off this knocking sound from the front suspension when ever you go over a bump or speed ramp(particularly if its a series of small bumps that loads and unloads the springs left to right)...it seems as if the noise actually happens on the unloading of the suspension rather than when u hit the bump.
Recently had the car NCT'd (MOT'd) and it passed no probs...anyone any ideas...its more annoying than anything else.(its been this way a year and a half...which is when i bought it)
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Just check all the bushes, including the anti-roll bar ones.
Cheers...its done 80K...doubt its broken spring to be honest im pretty sure id know if that was the case.
Ill post what it is/was when i get a chance to go under it(havent even looked yet!!).
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is somethign loose under the car possibly an exhaust bracket fallen off.
I havent been under it at all!!
It could be an exhaust bracket but im pretty sure its more to do with suspension/linkage as its when the preload on the suspension is relaxed i hear the knocking.
I can't think of anything else off the top of my head, everytign else has been suggested.