A Dreaded Hive Thread

9 Jul 2016
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United Kingdom
Hi all, a little desperate here and hoping someone might be able to help.
I have tried installing a hive multizone in my house, replacing a Honeywell CM907. There were three wires at the back of the CM907, I am assuming a live, neutral and an earth (not used). The system worked fine no problems. I transfered those wires to the corresponding terminals on the Hive receiver, this time wiring the earth in, and though the light shows it has connected to the hub, when the thermostat calls for the heating to switch on and doing so lighting the other green light on the receiver, the boiler does not fire.
Can anyone help me please?
Kind regards

Read more: //www.diynot.com/diy/threads/hive-multizone-self-install.462651/#ixzz4E1RlIA7g
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There are connected to the CM907 a blue wire going into the terminal indicating neutral and a brown going into the terminal indicating live and a green/yellow wire that hadnt been connected.
Its very common for the green/yellow to be used as a switched live to dont assume its an earth with no voltage on it, also the cm907 does not use a neutral just a live ans switched live.
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But the green/yellow wire wasn't connected to the CM907. It was just inside the stud wall.
Honeywell CM907 doesnt have a neutral you only have a live and a switched live just because the wire is blue does not mean it is neutral on a heating system
Ian, should the wires being a live and a switched live give indication to where they need to be connected on the Hive receivers backplate?
Ian please tell him he needs a neutral, he does not have a neutral at the old thermostat because it did not need one, the hive needs a neurtal to work, ie it wont work if there is no neutral present, please pass this on as he seems to be ignoring the fact that he needs a neutral.(y)
If I've got this right your trying to wire a hive receiver into the room stat wiring?
You shouldn't be wiring the hive into the room stat.
The receiver needs a perm live, neutral, a common and a switched live.

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