A few questions for people that know Evohome

18 May 2008
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United Kingdom
I'm looking into smart heating and have a few Evohome questions for people in the know. I haven't decided yet whether to go for it.

My system has 3 heating zones and an unvented cylinder, each zone has a V4043 zone valve, with a Glow Worm system boiler.

I don't want to use smart radiator valves, and wish to use Evohome to control the 4 zones using the Evotouch as the sensor in heating zone 1, and Honeywell single zone thermostats for sensing heating zone 2 and 3. The existing cylinder stat I'd like to keep. I'm thinking I'll need 4x BDR91 in total.

So, the questions:

1: Can Evohome be used in this way?

2: Can I set it up without the app (in case Honeywell ditch it after 5 years)?

3: Will all the zones' TPI 'on' events be synchronised? Part of the problem with my current system is that the 3 zones switch without regard to each other, which is a little scappy.

Thanks All.
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Honeywell have answered Q3 and the answer is no, or rather "The evohome system will work exactly the same like 3 individual thermostats. The TPI is calculated for each zone individually."

Might be still useful, can anyone answer the other 2 questions please?

I know we're a year on from your original post, but I'll try to answer it anyway...and if you've already bought Evohome then you'll be very aware of the irritating nature of the TPI.

1. Yes, but you may have to fool the system into treating your hot water as another heating zone, or buy their hot water kit (which is one of their better offerings, as it shows the hot water temperature on the App, allowing you to make an informed remote choice as to whether you 'boost' the HW or not).

2. Yes, and it'll work just like any other programmable multi-zone system (which is what it does when t'interweb connection fails)

IMO the TPI is a pain in the 'arris. It will regularly open and close the zone valves, and I haven't found a way to shut it off yet. You may find that Opentherm control of your boiler improves this problem...Honeywell certainly don't seem to see it as such.


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