Honeywell evohome

Heating electrics is a mindset all of its own to be fair. Sparks and heating both can screw up.

Went to an evo install the other day - customer a sparks. left the wiring to the heating man (lovely pipe work). Neither had twigged the boiler needed volt free switching.

Took out the boiler controller and the honeywell relays :LOL: Made a hefty bang too when it went. Damaged the connectors on the wiring loom too. :eek:
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Maybe you're doing it wrong. All three of yours have issues, but everyone else's works well.

I've been reading plenty of reviews, and whilst it's the most expensive set of controls going it really is worth the investment.

Thanks for all the helpful posts. I think the best thing to do is buy the controller and have a good mess around with it to work out its full capabilities.

Maybe so, but ironically one of the people giving you advice on how good it is, couldn't make one of them work either.

3rd one is more to do with the OT side of the boiler and what the OT bridge does.

Trying aura soon as the RF side is much stronger on them, shame it's made by salus.
You break all your new toys though :p.

Got that ESBE stuff through today BTW - they do they own mixing pump stations now... will put a link up in the CC.
I havent used opentherm with Evo yet. We dont install many Opentherm compatible boilers and it has to be said some are more compatible than others, which is what one gets with a standard that isn't a formal standard.

I'd be very wary about introducing it, I can imagine the demarcation arguments between Honeywell and the boiler manufacturer while the customer gets lukewam rads.

What we have done is run Vaillants with their own weather comp, switched by Evohome.
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They're trying to work with boiler manufacturer's on this. Intergas and Vokera are the most receptive from what I can tell.

WB, Vaillant and Viessmann are all OT compatible with expansion modules. But not supported here for reasons we can all figure out.

It is the boiler companies that are making it unnecessarily difficult with is bloody annoying.

Done a couple of OT Evo's and have it at home with remarkable success.

This lot:

Was the last one and works well in a big drafty 1920's ish house. Ignore the pipe work in the talon clips - a lot of that was put in by the original muppet installer. :rolleyes: We were there to fit those headers and get the water actually circulating beyond the two towel rads on the other side of the wall :LOL: Hence the header and manifolds.
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Just bound my free box of HR92's in at home,
Made sure it was done exactly as isn't wrote down in the instructions.

Plenty of reasons why RF will have fun because there are binding issues that the instructions won't help with and things that must be done that's not written down.

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