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31 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
I'm looking at installing a Honeywell evohome controller at my house.

My current existing setup is an S plan plus split into 4 zones. 3 for heating and one for hot water.

Is it possible to control at least one of the zones just with the zone valve as it is without needing to buy individual TRV heads for each rad in that zone?

The system looks really good and is definitely the system I'd like to go with, but I'm struggling to find proper information about how versatile it is, and all the options availible for setting it up.

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No I don't particularly want to control it at rad level but from what I've been reading when any component calls for heat, all the zone valves open and the zone control is done by the individual TRV heads.

The boiler is a glow worm space saver mkII
You either do all the rads (with the exception of towel rails). Then leave the heating zone valves manually opened.

Or control the zone valves and not the rads.

Cheaper and easier to do the latter.
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You can mix areas so rad valves for some, zone valves for another.

One of the primary benefits of Evo is that you can run the towel rails separately to anything else in the summer months. By setting the rails at 27C for 20 mins in the morning and evening, you can effectively turn off the heating by pressing ECONOMY (thus rolling back all rads targets by 3C) and still enjoy dry warm towels.
I've fitted nearly 200 of these in the last 12 months, and started installing its forerunner, Hometronic back in 2003, starting in my own house.

There are a few idiosyncrasies in the installation process, but from an installed, customer's eye view, they just love it. Few heating products give as much end user satisfaction. Frankly, a new boiler works very much like an old one, it heats water. Evo is a game changer.

2 out of 3 boilers we install nowadays take Evohome.
I've done 3 and all have issues, 1st customer wants his ripping out!
Maybe you're doing it wrong. All three of yours have issues, but everyone else's works well.

I've been reading plenty of reviews, and whilst it's the most expensive set of controls going it really is worth the investment.

Thanks for all the helpful posts. I think the best thing to do is buy the controller and have a good mess around with it to work out its full capabilities.
You really need to consider paying someone to do it. It doesn't always go the way it says in the manual.

I talked my brother in law through an install at his house last weekend, he lives 200 miles away, took an hour or two.

Bear in mind, if you get an Evo installer to do it, they'll charge just 5% VAT, if you buy and fit the bits yourself it'll be 20% VAT to start with.
The advice I've recieved has been very helpful and I do appreciate it but I just can not see any sense at all in recommending employing a plumber to do electrical work.
Seconded, it is the programming and set up that does not always go the way the manual suggests, wiring is simples.

And just to repay the compliment, some of us on here are qualified full scope sparkys and heating engineers. And some have also been rock n roll lighting techs too, but that's another story.

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