Accenta G3 Alarm System

5 Jun 2017
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United Kingdom
Good morning,

I am after some advise please if possible.

We have an Accenta G3 system currently in our house and at night we have recently started to set the alarm at night, but omitting certain zones as to not set the alarm when we are upstairs.

The problem is, when I come down stairs (there isn’t an upstairs keypad) as soon as the PIR picks me up, the alarm goes off before I can input the code on the keypad.

My question is, when setting the alarm at night and omitting the relevant zones, can I put something like a 5/10 second delay for the morning in where I have chance to take 5/6 from the bottom of the stairs to the panel to be able to disarm the alarm?
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The detectors need to be programmed as timed inhibit .
When you omit a zone this will make timed inhibit zones an entry device and will start the timer to unset the alarm.
You will need to re program these zones and have the engineer code other wise you will have to default the control panel and re program
You want to set up a second program that has the pir set as timed inhibit rather than omit zone, or, if you don;t come downstairs at night much, you could install a second keypad upstairs. Do you know the engineers code.
Doggit is right, you need to set program 2 with time inhibited for that zone.

I had to reset mine when we moved in and re programmed it. (Fairly easy to do with the user manual which can be downloaded if you don't have it) Now at night I enter my code followed by prog button then number 2.

Hope this helps, let us know how you get on.
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Now I know it's not protocol to join in a thread, but there's a slight relevance to my query. I've never done an inhibit zone before, but doing it this weekend, when I set the system, it tells me there's a setting error, so would Deyno be expecting the same error message, or have I done something wrong. There's a pir set up as zone 4 covering the passage between the front door (zone 1) and back door (zone 2), and when I put in the user code, the error comes up. Zone 4 is unused in program 2, but obviously set as an inhibited zone in program 1.
What keypad do you have? Also are you entering the engineer mode when trying to setup program 2?


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I've followed the manual perfectly, just never set up a timed inhibit zone before, so got thrown by the response. It's an LCD keypad. The zone isn't used in program 2, as that's night time when people are in the house. It's program 1 that hiccups as you set the panel and then go past the PIR as you leave.

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