Adding 2 Radiators to existing system

13 Mar 2010
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United Kingdom

I have converted my garage to a home office, utility room and bathroom. The boiler is in the new bathroom and have 22mm feed and return running through the Utility to the attached main house.
In the main house the 22mm goes into 8mm microbore pipes which have been badly plumbed (kinks etc) Heating takes 2 hours to go from cold to heated.
I need to add 3 rads to the new rooms (1 in each) these rads were in the old garage put in by the previous owner on 15mm in a separate loop and ended up having to fit a flow control valve to the return as they effectively sole the flow with the water taking the easiest route.
I am conscious I don't want to repeat this so planned on taking 3 separate flow and returns from the existing pipe work so the return can be regulated on the return side of each Rad.
The home office pipe work will be about 3.5 mtrs along one wall and will go past (on the other side of the wall) what is the worst Rad on the 8mm system.
Am I right in thinking that as ling as I restrict the returns I could link off and attach this rad also to 15mm plumbing and I should be ok?
I do intend to replace all the 8mm with 15mm but will be on a room by room basis as we replace the carpets we had fitted when we moved in 5 years ago as it shouldn't take 2 hours to heat up the house in my opinion.

thanks in advance

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