Adding sockets to a ring main

13 Aug 2006
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United Kingdom
I need to add 2 double sockets to an area where there is already one double socket on a ring main. Can I - take one set of wires out of existing socket, replace with a new wire to a new socket link this new socket to another new socket and then join the second new socket to the origional wires that i removed from the first socket??? Is there another way to get 6 plug sockets in one place?
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is one of the cables long enough to be moved to your new socket? If so do this then loop back thru your 2nd new socket and back to the original socket- so the 3 of them have 2 cables at them maintaining the ring.

Is a 6 way extension maybe an idea, or a bit untidy looking?
A way of doing it is to fit a Dual Box instead of your existing double-socket backbox.

A Dual Box will accept two single accesories (wherether they are Single Sockets, FCUs, anything else.

Your two existing Ring cables will almost certainly be long enough to put one into the LHS socket and one into the RHS socket.

You can then run a loop away from LHS socket, and returning to RHS socket. This will be an enlargement of the ring and you can put as many sockets on it as you want.

Do you understand what I mean?
Big John, I haven't looked how much excess cable I have but the sockets are going next to each other so I'm sure that one of the cables will reach the new socket. If not is it possible to extend the cable will a 30amp connecting block be ok?

John D, I think I understand what you mean but I haven't heard of a dual box before, i'll have a look on the web to find one. do you know any good companys to buy electrical goods from ie. screwfix...

Is it safe that 3 double sockets are going to be next to each other on the ring?

Cheers for all the advice!
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BigJon, A six way extention would work as it is going to end up in a built in cupboard for a tv unit. Do i simply replace the double socket for a six way one???
no don't put an extention lead directly on the ring with no fusing.

best just to plug it in (and shorten the flex to give a neat result)
Dual Box

i built a big built-in tv and hifi cupboard a few years ago, and took a fused spur off the ring main, to 4 double sockets in the back of the recesses.

The switch comes in handy for just shutting everything off (i have a wierd phobia of little red LEDs while im in bed, and it saves energy too :LOL: )
Something that saves energy in bed, and deals with your in-bed phobia too? Sounds like a bargain.

I think I would have used a multi-way, though.

Would have? I do!
JohnD said:
I think I would have used a multi-way, though.

Would have? I do!
i would have, but i was builting a kustom kabinet for my telly and hifi and speakers, so i wanted a nice sleek look, not multi-way leads trailing about everywhere. There was a horrid alcove there before, its amazing what a bit of 2x2 and some chipboard can do ;) built it all myself. Might post a picture in the "your diy projects" section.

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