"adding" stove backboiler into existing hot water/

13 Mar 2008
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United Kingdom
hi - wondering if this can be done.... :?:
I have part of my house heated and hotwater from an old rayburn stove. (woodburning now converted to gas) gravity fed into the watertank and a pump to circulate to 3/4 rads via a std 2 pipe system. open vented system with additional "heatsink" rad adjacent to the tank.
at the same end of the house (but at the back...) I want to install a woodburner. the missus suggested last night why don't we get a backboiler and use it for heating/hotwater too.... got me thinking. :confused:
how should/can I connect this into the current system. :?:
can't gravity feed into the tank (too far away) but I guess I can pump this? or do I need to install a new dedicated tank (this then gets complicated...)
can I tee into the existing rad system and use the same pump to circulate (ie will pump through the back boiler on the rayburn and also through the woodburner), do I need a dedicated pump (wont the current pump effectively block the system if it is switch off....
assume I will also need an additional heatsink rad close to the woodburner (ie in the room above)
obviously the ceoncern on cold sunday with the roast cooking and the woodburner on full whack we will be genrating a lot of hotwater.... :oops:
thanks in advance for advice!
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Its difficult to advise on this as the best way for a potential installer to know exactly what you have in mind is to actually visit your premises.
Brother in law is doing something like this shortly with a waste oil burner and being a lorry mechanic he has a copious supply of the stuff.
40/L in a modern lorry these days he tells me. :D
Anyway I had a good look at his current system the other day and I still left scratching me head. :(
thanks - you are probably right.
I guess the key question for me would be:
if I connect the back boiler to the existing gravity fed HW system (vented) - I would need to pump (due to distance)
1. I imagine there are pump switches that can activated by the water temp - ie when the stove is on, water heats up and switches the pump on??
2. how would a pumped system (22mm) interfere/intergrate with current gravity (28mm) system

I am comfortable with teeing into the current pumped/vented CH system - should I be?
You can only pump from the solid fuel boiler if you use a four pipe connection configuration (subject to the boiler having the ports) or alternately use an injector T set up on a two pipe configuration.
The vent must have a clear path to the atmosphere above the F&E cistern. Its common practise to in the UK to use a twin coil cylinder coupled with a heat leak radiator. It sounds as though your current system needs upgrading.
ALL Installations must follow the 'HETAS' fitting guidelines.
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