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22 Jan 2020
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Hi there,

I would like some advice on building up the security on my home, externally. A few of my neighbours had intruders recently.

I currently have:
- Alarm
- Cameras
- Dog
- Electric Gate

I was thinking of adding a perimeter sensor. My camera sends me a push notification when someone activates the sensor on the camera, and I can speak out through the camera, however I'd like to be able to run a similar sensor and push notification system when someone breaks a perimeter, particularly at the bottom of our driveway and at the end of our garden.
A camera won't work as there are a lot of dogs, cats and foxes that come through our garden in the night, so i'd like something that is more focused and accurate - i.e - 1 metre off the ground in a straight line across the perimeter.

A - Perimeter Recommendation: can anyone recommend a good perimeter sensor (i'm not interested in a cheap AA battery powered system from Amazon... i'd like something that is powered, and maybe connected to internet, so that it can push notifications)?

B - Other Security Recommendation: can anyone recommend any other systems or measures to put in place? Someone recommended red night lasers placed around the property, but I think that would draw more attention as to why a house has such an extensive security setup.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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get local firms in to quote, they should do a risk assessment and advise on best way forward.

don't really do dogs or gates, but dogs if for security should be properly trained.

Cameras are all about getting the right ones for the job, so that really depends on your layout I guess and distances and areas to be covered.

Alarms here is all sorts out there, again as for whats best its really down to what needs to be covered and how your sourcing the power etc.
Optex beams would be the best bet to use, but also look at the more advanced CCTV systems that have advanced analytics they can tell the difference between people and other objects which greatly reduces the false alarms. Still not perfect but they are getting better and better all the time.
If an alarm engineer is qualified and knows Optex or Takex beam systems, you will not have any problems.

I'm not going to go through all the specification of the beams they are easily found on the web.
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Thanks guys, I will review in detail tonight when I get home.

Are any of these beam systems cable of sending push notification?
Optex do external units with camera/ ( add on WiFi that do push notifications been looking at these for a job

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