22 Dec 2023
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United Kingdom

We've been in a new build for 2 Years 3 months, within warranty time we've had them out for mould and condensation issues in the main bedroom, and damp patches in the ensuite multiple times in same area (just kept painting over and stain blocking)

Wednesday we noticed a watermark on living room ceiling (under wall side of shower upstairs)

Nothing massively obvious when looking under shower but could feel wetness, checked in cupboard that backs onto the shower, piece of the skirting was bulging a bit so took this off.. black mould on that, cut through plasterboard and it's very damp with lots of thick black/white mould and from we can see goes about 4 ft up the wall.

The housebuilder came out (as we. Said it must be connected to previous issue so under giver still) the handyman's checked it confirmed all connected and a crack was visible underneath the pan, must likely done on installation so we never would have known, everything will need replacing and redoing about a week's job he'll log with office.

An hour later office contact say the handyman says it's not related to the other issue phone the house insurance as they aren't touching it. Apparently we should've noticed a crack on the underside of the shower pan in our first 7 days of moving in.

I've attached some photos to show the state of it but was hoping someone could let me know if they seen this before and what the cause could be .... ( The highlight pink area is the damp on the shower door side that has been reported and painted over for months and keeps coming through, everything else shows the underside crack and the mould behind the shower wall)

The damp seems so high for a drip that's only apparently coming from the pan appreciate your thoughts


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If they are refusing to sort it you'll either have to make a small claims against them or report it to your insurer and they may well deal with the builder. Does your policy have legal cover?
I agree with denso.
Start the process of suing them in county court.
Briefly this is what needs done IN WRITING:
1. Submit a formal complaint and give 14 days to rectify the problem
2. Send a "letter of claim" (google it) informing them that you will start legal proceedings within 14 days.
3. In the mean time get at least 2 quotes to fully fix the problem, including removing and treating mould.
4. On day 15 submit a county court claim via the "money claim online" website.

Lots of info online on how to do it.
Consumer action group website is a good source of info and you could ask specific questions and guidance there.
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