Advice on controls for UFH + Rads + Thermal Store

21 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom
Hi all,
First post here and hoping for some experienced advice on heating controls & wiring for a new build at first fix stage.
House is 3000sqft 2 storey detached in the country, actually west of Ireland if anyone here knows this part of the world.

We started the house a few years ago but halted build at 1st fix stage due to lack of funds and banks not lending (it was v.bad here for a while) Got mortgaged up now and finally ready to restart.

So, here's where I am at on the heating side:

UFH heating is installed downstairs plumbed to a manifold under the stairs. There are 12 loops on the UFH, serving 7 rooms (incl hall and downstairs bathroom). Radiator pipework installed upstairs.
Planned heat sources (not installed yet) are condensing oil boiler and a multi-fuel stove with back boiler to top up the heating during the winter. May install solar thermal at some future date. To link these heat sources I am going for a 400 litre thermal store with direct connections for the oil boiler and stove plus a coil for the solar. DHW is provided by a plate heat exchanger on the thermal store. Not sure if I can mention names here but I will and let the mods delete if necessary. I’m going for the Heating Integration Xcel Heatbank.

That’s the basics. Now my question is what’s the best way to control all this? I want individual room control on the UFH via wall stats, probably TRVs on the rads but open to ideas on this. Got a family of 5 at the moment so much of the house will be heated most of the time. However as the children move out, and it’s just me and the missus, it’s likely some rooms will be heated only occasionally.
I’ve googled all over the place, seen wiring centres from Heat Miser and the like, but haven’t found a system that manages UFH zone and Rads and gives a wiring layout the electrician can follow. Would be very interested to hear from anyone with a similar need and learn from their experiences.
Thanks in advance
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If you have already installed underfloor heating then you should know what controls per room are required.You need to contact original fitter or manufacturer for advice.
Systemlink in Dublin provide control packages and hydronic systems to do the link up.
They have half a dozen suppliers listed in galway for their kit.
Then use a cheap thermal store for DHW only.
They use a manifold system so no zone valves required and they supply plate heat exchangers to provide system separation between open vented and sealed.

Schematic here ...

If your stove doesn't meet the required output to heat the entire house then by-pass the manifold and go direct to the upstairs zone making the connection upstream of the secondary side circulator.

The most important point with the stove is the gravity circuit and fitting a pipe stat on the flow and one on the return and having them set properly.
Otherwise known as Hi-Lo stats.

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