DPS thermal store DHW performance

So you've set your boiler flow temp to what - 82º? Not ideal for a condensing boiler.
I'd get a cheapish contact thermometer and find out where your problems actually are.
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I have no issues with thermal stores, I have fitted hundreds,

OK you have fitted thermal stores. Fantastic. Designing one is not in your capability, nor is understanding some of the basics of thermals. Most who fit combis haven't a clue how they work either. Stop digging yourself into a deeper ditch and making yourself look even more foolish. You revert to the internet ploy of when proven wrong revert to personal insults. It is best if you wrote, "thanks, I never knew that". You can't even get simple points or read properly - probably a low attention span. I got a similar response from a goon on the electrics forum then he ended up being castigated by others on the thread.

Now run along. :)

As usual, you preach this an that but cannot prove anything, I think it is you that is digging the deeper ditch, I am still waiting for you to show me a store where the CH pump is submerged in the body of water of the store, so please show me the evidence of such a store.
Please don't try and pretend that the design of a thermal store is rocket science, its very basic, all plumbers understand how these work, there is nothing to them, do you design them, if so prove it, show me some of your designs, I expect though you can't and I await your usual drivel of responses and constantly dodging answering the questions
Johnsville, still waiting to see an example of one of these stores with the CH pump submerged in the water of the store to extract the heat from the pump, can you please give me the details of where I can find the information on this.
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I know he is Kev, just exposing him to everyone else, this is Dr Drivel, again, or what ever is last re-incarnatiuon was, he does this all the time, spouts absolute nonsense, but then goes very quiet when asked to provide proof, he disappeared from Screwfix when caught out when he used someone elses post from another forum word for word to try and pretend he knew what he was talking about and that they were his own thoughts, he is just a Google warrior, just copies and pastes from other forums.
inane bla, bla, bla, adding no value to the thread

It is best you spend your time not on here but finding out about thermal storage. Forget thinking of how to improve the current offerings, that will send you into another confused spin, just get the basics. They are not rocket science.
It is best you spend your time not on here but finding out about thermal storage.
Thermal stores, interesting.
I remember a known troll that that was the only one to go on about thermal stores before he got barred ( again ).
The discussion topic is interesting...
Bear in mind that Johnsville is a known troll that got barred repeatedly and is currently monitored for making pointless posts.
He is definitely not a professional in anything to do with heating or plumbing.
I am pretty new to this forum, but lurked a while. After being accused of being someone else, I did a search. It appears that anyone who talks favorably about thermal storage is accused of being a number of people or a troll. etc. SimonH2 on this thread was as well.

Simon is not a professional plumber/gasman or whatever, yet he shows more understanding of thermal systems, and new concepts, than the "plumbers" on here. The Naviton forum he linked to has similar people on it; thinkers who want to improve matters.

This forum openly states it is DIY, yet it is infiltrated by money-centric plumbers with limited ability, who castigate, and insult, anyone who thinks differently to their narrow views. Most are not thinkers and clearly not creative engineers (I do not mean boiler servicemen, who use the title "engineer"). Look at this thread, how many have added any value? Lots of silliness and abuse though. I found the same on the electric forum. These nuisance plumbers should go to a plumbers only forum and boast to each other how much they made that week. Most are only into making money, not much else. Giving the best solution and using advanced materials and ways is out of their scope. It is disheartening reading what some write and these are let loose on the public.
Moderator 10 said:
Kevplumb has picked up most Abuse points in this thread so far.

Does this mean you ban them for abuse after totting up abuse points?
Johnsvill as usuall you avoid answering the question, can you provide the information on these thermal stores where the pump is mounted in the bottom of the store submerged in the water, to allow heat to be extracted from the pump, you are the one who says these exist, you are the one who seems to think he knows all, but cannot give proof to what you say, so either show me such a store of be man enough to admit you were wrong and these stores do not exist ( which i already know they don't)
Johnsvill as usuall you avoid answering the question, can you provide the information on these thermal stores where the pump is mounted in the bottom of the store

Read the thread again. You can move your lips, as per usual.
Still not answered the question, show me details of an immersed CH pump
You said that pumps can be used in the bottom of a cylinder submerged in the water and the heat can be extracted from the pump, so I have simply asked for you to show me one of these CH Pumps that can be submerged in water

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