Thermal store help needed

you would be best to fit an esbe load unit on the wood burner. this forces the woodburner to always have a minimum 40 degree return temp and continually pumps when flow above 60 degrees but decides if flow should go to the thermal store or just on bypass around the woodburner. This type of setup protects the woodburner from back end rot which is very common if connected to a thermal store, but also allows for poor pipework arrangements as it pumps the heat away. I have installed a few and they work very well.
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This is fantastic thanks snb looks like just just what i need here, for anyone else reading thread a link below:

"The series LTC200 is a load unit with integrated high efficiency pump. The load unit makes sure that the boiler gets up to a high combustion temperature so as to ensure the lowest possible emissions. Above all, the load unit make sure that the return temperature to the boiler is kept high and guaranteed over the entire combustion cycle which enables a higher level of boiler efficiency, reduced tarring and increased life span of the boiler. The high efficiency pump included in the load unit fulfills the new EU directive on energy related products."
Is there a feed and expansion tank in the loft? Prob only small (30 litres), should be metal, usually the feed pipe drops to the return & expansion (loop over the top) comes from the flow
And have you got a spirit level- you need to make sure those horizontal legs are either horizontal (bad but tolerable) or have a slight rise towards wherever the expansion pipe comes off. If there are any negative gradients especially in the flow then kettling could get dangerous
EDIT Looking at your sketch, there is scope for improvement- if you rerun the flow & return from the woodburner so they run diagonally up then vertical you'll get a large performance boost

Im pretty sure the flow return to the heat leak rad go downhill too.. ffs. I guess with that ESBE unit being pumped i could in theory leave pipes as it as it pumps with a safety relieve valve built in could be a winner, just fix the heatleak so that is working.

cheers again for all your time here v much appreciated.
Flow into the heat dump running slightly downhill isn't a big problem, it actually makes that rad self bleeding so don't stress about it. The ones to watch are the bits between the woodburner and the f & e tank.
And yes the loading pump looks like a good solution to some of your problems. Have a read of the spec to see how it deals with a power cut.
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