Themal Store and boiler question

5 Apr 2007
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United Kingdom
Hi, I have an existing Ideal W2000 boiler and a thermal store from Gledhill (Torrent Indirect) going in. Question is, i believe i can have the central heating use the thermal store as a reservoir for heat, so as long as the thermal store is hot then the heating will be immediately hot. There is only one set of connections for the main thermal store. soo.

1. do i connect the rads to the fill and vent connections of the store and allow the DHW pump to circulate through the store thus pumping the store water through the rads and vice versa.
2. With the ideal 2000 which is just a plain boiler, if i fit the thermal store above the boiler, will the boiler circulate the water through the heat exchanger (primary coil) and back to itself without a pump in the primary coil / boiler system.

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If you're doing the installing, then why haven't you read the MIs?

If you're not doing the installing, then why are you asking these questions? :confused:
Its HW only !.
You dont connect CH to this store. The boiler connects to the internal coil.
Would have thought that was obvious. :rolleyes:

According to one bit i read on the manufacturers webiste, it suggested instant heat from the thermal Store for the Rad's, If the boiler heats the Rads only, then where's the benefit in the TS with regard to the heating. Now, having got the boiler and read the MI's ( i assume that was a polite way of saying RTFM) i can now see that the system works the same with regard to the CH as the old system, just reverses the hot water system.

Thinking though (maybe too much :) :D ) if the TS water is never used for anything other than a heat sink, why can't i use this for the CH as well? not going to, but is there any good reason why i can't :eek:
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FFS. :rolleyes:

1. Read this.
2. Look at the following illustration below.
3. Connect the boiler to the primary coil.


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