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we need more details ie where in kent. which way does the aerial point. does the aerial only feed the kitchen tv. does the tv have any signal strength indicator built in.
From memory, and please correct me if I'm wrong, @foxhole is somewhere in Kent and picking up the Crystal Palace transmitter.

Currently, Crystal Palace needs a wideband aerial. This is because the Com7 temporary mux carrying channels such as BBC4 HD, BBC New HD, QVC HD is still broadcasting in RF channel 55 afaik. Although the 700MHz clearance is complete, some transmitters are still using muxes in the 700Mhz range (RF ch 50-60). They'll get switched off once the sale of the 700MHz band is complete. If it wasn't for that, then because the rest of the channels for CP are in the range that matches a Group A aerial, he could get an aerial which produces more signal by more closely matching the Group A transmission characteristics.

There is of course a small problem as far as @foxhole and his specific requirement for something unobtrusive. Group A aerials for weak signal aeras tend to be Yagis of some description. That means they're either long (2m) or are slightly shorter (1-1.5m) but have huge reflectors to compensate. These are the exact opposite of "as unobtrusive as possible" :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:

The compromise solution is a Log36PW. It's a larger version of the mini Log aerial, but the crucial difference is that it is tuned to a narrower signal range than a standard wideband Log.

A Log36PW still picks up the temporary Com7 mx on RF ch55, and if you check out the reception graph on the AerialsandTV page for Crystal Palace you'll see that the Log36 has higher gain than their standard DM Log, and that in turn has higher gain than the sort of full sized Log you might pick of from Argos/Screwfix/Toolstation/B&Q. That's really quite important. I would recommend picking up an aerial from the guys at ATV because it's not the same as you get from the DIY and catalogue stores. They're better built and produce more signal.

As good as any aerial is there really is no substitute for height. An aerial won't work anywhere near as effectively when mounted at ground level compared to up on a roof.

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Thanks Lucid , CP is correct , aerial serves kitchen only and is on kit roof at about 4.5m from ground but also has to cope with pointing at side street which curves away and rises slightly. Can currently get either BBC channels well with itv, chan4 chan5 intermittent or if I move to get latter channels loose BBC range , though used to get all perfect a few years ago .As Lucid mentioned things have changed and will be again.
So may have to annoy the neighbours and stick up a bigger appropriate aerial.
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Not unobtrusive, but all channels fine with new aerial, so long as her indoors is happy I am.

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