New wire from outdoor socket

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Most cameras work on 12v. The ones with plugs usually have a transformer in the plug. In which case hard wiring is a definite no no.

Can you drill through a wall or take the wire into the loft through the eaves?
you might also consider a weatherproof wiring box, that is big enough for a socket (and multiway) to fit inside, and a wallwart plug as well.

You can have several things plugged inside, for example Christmas lights and the lawnmower

this sort of thing
though I have seen cheaper versions in places like Aldi
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Have you actually bought the camera yet? Does it really need an exterior power supply unit?
Normal practice for CCTV is to power the camera from the recorder/monitor location via the same cable route, either using a "shotgun" cable carrying DC power and analogue video, or more commonly these days, using PoE (power over ethernet) to run power and digital data on a single CAT5/6 cable.
Thanks for all the replies

I haven’t bought the CCTV yet as I’m still planning exactly how this is going to work out. The ones I’m considering are connected via a regular live/neutral/earth mains cable and also communicate via WiFi. I didn’t want to just plug in to the outside socket as it’s easy to just unplug it (the socket is right next to the front door). I appreciate any wires can also be cut but this is less tempting than unplugging and I can imagine for insurance purposes unplugging a camera is not necessarily a sign of a break-in etc.

I could drill a wall to the inside but I’m trying to see if there’s an easier/less destructive way that would require drilling first.

So I take it it’s not so easy to run a new mains wire from the socket then?

So I take it it’s not so easy to run a new mains wire from the socket then?
Anything like your camera, powered from a ring final circuit, will need to have a fuse in it. So you can't wire it into the back of the socket!

Your camera will not be powered from raw mains voltage. It will have a power supply of some sort. If this is a wire, you need to wire the power supply into a fused connection unit. This can be an outside type, but then it is accessible.
Most cameras have a power supply that is part of the plug
This will need to plug in, somewhere!

If you dont want it to plug in outside, then it will have to be inside.
You need to find the camera and then tell us what the power supply looks like. Post a link to the product. It will describe the power supply.
Ok. This video shows you how to install
It is 230volts into the device and they show the feed coming through the wall from inside. You could feed from an inside socket, or a lighting circuit, if that is more convenient.
For security you should do the same, feed from inside, or find some way of locking your socket box securely.
Note: you wouldn’t need a weatherproof box as this device can use a standard plug, and that can go into your existing socket with the lid shut.
Plugging in to the Masterplug socket is pointless. Any bad person could unplug it and there goes your camera.
Having external wiring also has its risks.

Best to provide wiring from behind as shown in the video. Aesthetically I hate cables draped everywhere, especially at the front door entrance to your castle!
Off topic, but consider using wired CCTV rather than one that works over WiFi.
The wiring isn’t that hard running CAT5 cable in a typical house (as most of it can be concealed in loft space).

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