Aeriel Splitter Wierdness

2 May 2007
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United Kingdom
I wonder if anyone can help me.
I have a roof aerial which comes into the loft space and into a powered splitter which has 16db, 12db and 8db settings on it.
I have co-ax running outside from this to the dining room (ground floor) where there are 2 aerial sockets on opposing sides of the room. Both of these are 'good' and can run a freeview television.
The kitchen next to the dining room has a tv in it which i want to connect to the aerial but need to 'split' the feed from one of the aerial sockets as the other one is too far.
I bought a Y splitter but when i use this it doesnt not work (not enough power i hear you say). The box for this feed is set to 12db and i upped this to 16db and still nothing (also tried it on 8db and nothing).
I thought initially it was the 10m cable i had going from the Y splitter to the tv but changed that for a 2m one and still the same.
Currently i am using the other aerial socket with the 10m cable and it works ok but cable everywhere.
I guess i need some sort of powered Y adapter, anyone want to recommend what i need and if this is the problem?
I bought a second Y splitter just in the case the first one was broken and its still the same.
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1) Are you sure the socket you want to run from still works?

2) What happens if you simply plug in the extension cable to the intermittent socket but without using the Y splitter?
Y splitters generally are useless. Even if they worked as you might imagine, you would only get 50% of the signal in each of the two outgoing connections.
In reality they are poorly designed devices, and most of the signal is lost just by having the splitter there.

The solution is to replace the 3 way powered amp you have with a 4 way or larger, installing additional cable to the new outlet(s).
Both sockets are good and work fine individualy.

I cannot re-cable the roof amplifier for many reasons.

Can i buy a second one and sit this one so that the aerial feed (already amplified) is re-amplified and two feeds go to each tv from there?
Or is there such a thing as a better (or powered) splitter?
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A "powered splitter" is an amplifier. It's not good practice to cascade amplifiers unless you really have to and understand what you are doing.

It seems to me that you have chosen a Y splitter that doesn't pass power to the amplifier. I'm assuming that your amplifier is powered via the coaxial cable and not from a power point in the loft.

If that's the case, a simple solution might be a splitter with "DC pass". These are often listed as "2-way splitters" and have 'F' connectors instead of ordinary Belling Lee aerial sockets.
Screwfix do aerial amps with varied gain step taps to allow for cable length/splitter/joint loss in the cable runs from the amplifier.
original post was in 2011, he has probably sorted it out now.

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