Air conditioning - planning permission needed?

I have just read the "technical specification" of a heat pump system that can be operated as a ASHP ( heating the house) or as an Air Conditioning Unit ( to cool the house.
Bernard, please try to understand.

It is an ASHP.

It is not a case of "operating it as an ASHP or an ACU".

Whichever direction it transfers the heat it is an ASHP.

Whether it is designed to work in only one direction, it is an ASHP.

Whether it is designed to work in either direction,it is an ASHP.

Whether it is only ever used to heat the house,it is an ASHP.

Whether it is only ever used to cool the house,it is an ASHP.

Whether it is used to heat and cool the house depending on the season, it is an ASHP.

Does it, or does it not, transfer heat from one place to another using a vapour-compression refrigeration cycle?

Whether its transferring it from inside to outside or outside to inside, it is an ASHP.
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If you say so, I guess the air in the house is the source of the heat to be pumped out of the house.
I would say yes it can be claimed the compressor is within an enclosure.
Thats not what I asked.

You surely cant claim that the compressor is in a cabinet of some sort and so isnt outdoors?

The whole idea is to limit noise
It may be - Ive not looked into the detail. Its possible that apperance might be relevant too. Are the rules different for listed buildings, AONBs, conservation areas? If so then the whole idea is not just to limit noise.

so why say outdoors, would not a db limit make far more sense?
It would.

Put the unit in this and then no argument it is in-doors,
For pitys sake, of course it is not indoors.
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The operative word is door upload_2021-7-2_13-3-29.png inside the box is in doors, outside the box is out doors. It may not be what they mean, but it is what they said. The problem only arises if some one complains, as long as it is not going to cause neighbour to complain then no problem.

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