Air issue with UFH - Solar Filling Pump?

Discussion in 'Plumbing and Central Heating' started by pls1, 3 Dec 2021.

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    I've got a relatively new UFH system on an existing S Plan with system boiler & unvented cylinder. The UFH has never worked properly which we think is due to air in the system, the main symptom being the Wilo pump will flash red/green and stop pumping water around the loops.
    Despite flushing and refilling each loop, bleeding the manifold and main circuit, rads etc, there is still occasional noise in the main flow/return pipes during operation.

    The UFH supplier has recommended using a solar filling pump to refill the system which will get rid of the air. I can't find much about the use of these or how they would be used to fill up either the whole CH loop or just the individual loops on the UFH manifold.

    Anyone used one before on UFH? How do they normally connect up?
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