Alarm outputs into home automation systems

15 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom
I am considering getting a z wave how automation hub to do lights, house wide sound and heating for starters and looking at how I could use it with my texecom panel.
One option is to use the Fibaro universal sensors in the PIRs, either inside them if room or in the cable junction box most of them go through for detecting movement and temperature for lights and heating etc.
The other is to plug the outputs of the panel, 4 I think, into a fibaro sensor and use it to say turn on all the lights when a fire alarm is triggered, play some heavy metal at full volume on a confirmed intruder alert to supplement the internal sounders, maybe control recording of cameras etc.

Has any one done similar and have any ideas or advice?

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I've done what you describe.

I have a Honeywell Galaxy alarm (GD-96 I think, something like that anyway, might be a 264, but that doesn't matter)
All the Galaxy alarms have an RS485 backbone that distributes data to and from the alarm and keypads and remote expansion units (RIOs)

You won't find the specification published anywhere (at least I couldn't) but if you know ASCII, BASE64 encoding and Hex, and can read in a data stream at a fairly low baud rate (9600 I think) then you'll find it easy to decipher.

I've just chucked an RS485 to RS232 converter on the data line and you can literally see the data flowing past. Stuff like checking if the system is armed, if it's in alarm, the state of the inputs and outputs etc... are all there any easy to read.

The only slight fly in the ointment is that the RIOs only broadcast their status about once or twice a second, so there is a bit of latency if you want to use this information to activate lights when people walk into rooms/open doors etc... I have this working, I wish it was a bit quicker, but it's fine really.

I don't know the texecom panels, but they must support remote expanders and therfore I suspect you could interface to this in a similar manner?..

Good luck.
Use the rm8 relay board with voltage free contacts , more flexible than the panel outputs
Texcom panels have Crestron protocol built in and this can be used with home automation systems using that protocol you just need to have the drivers to run it.

Control 4 / Extra vegetables (strange name I know) I know they have done the integration work.

There was/ is an X10 interface system on the premier but dont know if they still provide the connection between the panel and the x10. you may need to ask Texecom about that.
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Cheers. Forgot to mention I have the elite 24 so if I read correctly the rm8 can't plug on to the board as I don't have Dualcom pins.

Control 4 is too pricey for me and wanted a z wave rather than x10 for greater flexibility.

I do have an 8xp so guessing I could use those into a relay?
ask Z wave if they have anything for the elite.

The RM8 module can be plugged onto pins on the 48 and above, or be used with any panel that has outputs, so in your case the digi outputs/ or the expander outputs.

Can be stand alone
Roasty: are you able to share any of your code? I've played a bit with OpenGalaxy, though that is RS232 rather than RS485.
secureiam - zwave is a protocol, not a manufacturer. there are a few that make relays / inputs that take wired input and turn into wireless. I just need to work out if they are compatible with the rm8 output.

I think the rm8 only has 4 inputs so I would be limited to that.

Interestingly, I think there are some zwave relays that are tiny, so could mount those in the wall behind the keypads and also use those outputs?

More generally, I have found a plugin for the Vera home automation hub that apparently can read the panel status, zone status etc via the comip I think. Will look at that some more.
Z wave don't use it so no idea, thought I read something about panel integration with Z wave but it was a honeywell panel
Just to add
I’ve now got the alarm to turn off all my lights when we night set the alarm. In the event of a fire to turn on all lights. Next I’ll be programing it to do other things like lights flashing when alarm triggers.
Probable can get it to set the alarm when I’ve leave the house using GPS.

I’ve configured this using RM8 Relay Module and fitted to that are Z-Wave Fibaro Universal Sensors.
I’m using the Z-Wave Fibaro Home Center Lite to control most of the lights in side and out, sockets, and AV stuff.
Regards john
Sounds like just the thing I want to do. What panel have you got the rm8 connected to and do you need to have one Universal sensor per output? Sounds like it could get expensive that way.

I wrote some scripts to integrate Texecom into Homeseer some years ago, and been running them since.

You can easily get real time (pretty much) response on zone updates easily.. ideal for lighting etc, as well as heaps of panel status info if you care to poll for it.

You could use simple expender or panel outputs into a simple usb device to get stuff in, but a software only solution is the way to go.

The Crestron and simple protocol are fully documented.

the only issue is the documentation is available to those contacting Texecom and being approved after signing a non disclosure agreement.
I know this post is old, but it appears to cover partially what I am looking for.

What units would I need to switch on some security lights(50W LED) I have when my shocks are activated.

Premier panel, currently 2 lights may add one at the side of the property later.

output from the panel is activated and this would trigger the binary sensor if I read the above correctly and via the controller to the unit that turns the light on or off. just trying to find out what I need minimum.

Happy to have one binary sensor triggering the two lights if that's possible.

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