Intruder alarms and home automation

29 Oct 2009
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United Kingdom

Just wondering are there any alarm systems available on the uk market that will interface into home automation systems or use X10.

Reason being I want to utilise the alarm inputs when the alarm is not in use to trigger lights and events without installing additional pirs and dc's

I have found a device called and Elk M1 Gold®

And am looking for something similar.

Thanks in advance Rob
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I tend to not click links...............

Visonic is X10 related.
ok no worries it just goes to the site where the product is listed.

ill check em out thanks for the response.

I have found another product called omnipro II also anyone ever seen this gear used in the uk.
If you already have a home automation system, then you could use any alarm panel that allows you to mimc outputs from inputs.

I use outputs on extenders on my Texecom Premier to mimic the PIR and reed contact inputs. These outputs then go to inputs on a network IO board which interfaces into my HomeSeer home automation using xAP

Before I had the extenders, I paralleled up the PIR contact connections directly from the zone wiring on the panel into the Network IO board.

I decided to change this shortly afterwards, as it greatly increased the chances of miswiring and ground loops on an important system.

Happy to explain further if you like.

Examples of how I use it.
1. Use the Hall PIR to switch on a (HomeEasy or X10) light for 30 seconds
2. Use the "Alarm armed" output from the panel to switch all items off after I leave the house
3. Use the "Alarm disarmed" output to switch the heating on
4. Use the "Sound Bell" output to send an email to me telling me the alarm has gone off
5. Use an output from the network IO to "arm" the alarm - this lets me set the alarm by sending an email.
6. And saving the best until last - Use a magnetic reed switch contact on the letterbox flap to send me an email telling me "I have mail"!
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haha, i like the mail one.

I dont have any automation yet. Or an alarm, except an old scantronic unit that has a PIR in the hall only with its internal sounder.

I am slinging in some cables as I do some other decorating work so once I get the first phase out the way and the wife is happy I can start tinkering with the gadget stuff.

I have done a load or research and I am liking the Elk M1 Gold system, and someone on another forum reckons I could get it to work in the UK. And I would agree.

Both Elk and the omnipro ii seem to have a lot of software and homebrew software made by enthusiasts and sytem integrators. For PC and phones etc. They also have camera control and access built in too.

The network controller that you refer too is it the Global Cache product by any chance? I have read quite a bit about that too, but it seems very vague the information that is available online. Does the net work controller have a graphic interface or do you have to code it to set it up etc.
I'm using the network relays linked below. They also have a more modular system out now called EMACSYS. I found them very reasonably priced compared with the alternatives.

I'm not familiar with the Elk, but did a quick google, and looks very interesting. I like the idea of all the automation and security control logic being implemented within a reliable low power alarm type panel. I've been using HomeSeer for 10 years, and although it is now reliable, it does run on Windows, which means a PC on 24x7, and UPS backup etc. It too has a large ecosystem of plugins and integrations.

I'd be interested to see how you get on.
+1 for the NETIOM board. I bought one a couple of years back & did a similar thing with it. Phaedrus tech guys are very helpful, even did a special version of the firmware to help with reading the analogs using a commercial SCADA package.

Texecom have a protocol to use with Crestron systems, they also have a simple protocol which can be obtained to allow you to write your own front end and then use with virtually any automation system.
thanks for the phaedrus link that looks like a gucci bit of kit. Might have to have a play with one of those :)
They do have a relay module, however the relays they use are only rated at 110VAC. I ended up getting 8 way relay boards with contacts rated at 250VAC from ebay. I did need to modify the relay boards slightly to cope with the open collector output from the Netioms.

The inputs are not optoisolated as standard, but you can get a module that adds this.

I have had a couple of these boards for around 4 years, running 24x7, and never had a problem with them.
the texecom panel will interface with x10, i have our talking to our harmony 2007 server. this will also interface with byebye standby modules, so when we part set our alarm at night it also turns on the landing and bedroom lights.

Does it pump up the blow up the blow up doll when the female of the house has not indicated an immediate arrival?

Having been at the forefront of some automation, where the fook do you stop lol?
ive tried installing a simple system on the wife where as by when I walk in the door im greeted then lead into the house for a cuppa tea whilst she finishes of the dinner and does all the washing up.......... but hey im only a DIY so have to do it my self!!!!! haha
I actually did have an experimental event triggered by the kitchen PIR on a Saturday morning that invoked the text to speech with the words "I'll have a cup of tea and a gently warmed croissant please"

I did get the tea, but it wasn't in a cup, and came with a large helping of added earache...

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