Alkathene to MDPE connection

As i said.....seems we both ended up right. And you are/were smart enough to see where my low pressure/high pressurre coments were going.
That sounds like an attempt to bait, so consider me baited.

It has nothing to do with being smart or stupid, and we didn't agree, so I don't see how we ended up both being right.

I don't know where your comments were "going", and I don't know why they haven't arrived yet. If you were biding your time before giving the as yet unknown pearl of wisdom, then that approach seems utterly devoid of point.

The OP said at the outset that his pressure was low, and then defined the amount of head in relative but accurate terms, and my comments related to that. You view 1.5 bar is being low, but my view is that it isn't.

Yes, at the pressure the OP has he will/should have little problems sealing joints.
I'm glad you think so. However, I would never rely on the pressure remaining low (which his is, but 1.5 bar isn't), because the installation might later be upgraded and thus expose problems that might be created now in a poorly-sealed joint.

And on a final note....philmac do a universal coupler Softus......designed to marry many different materials. Lead included.
...which is exactly why I have a box of Philmac fittings. However, there's rarely a need to use them because there's nearly always a better way of making a joint.
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If you've finished being inaccurate and/or wrong, then I've finished correcting you.
Final post on this....wrong?? Nope. OP asked how/if he could connect two pipes together...pressure was/is an issue. YOU made the comments that i shouldn't asume pressure was low.....but i was correct. It is. Yes it was a best guess...but a correct one. It was and is relevant on methods of connection. Badly scratched plastic may have more trouble sealing the greater the pressure. I stated....correctly after you asked, what minimum requirements for mains pressure is. .5 of a bar above minimum IS low. Median pressure in my area is more like 2.5 bar

That however is completely moot. The real point of your queries were to denegrate someone who was trying to offere genuine help to the OP. My point were/are valid. You chose to pick em apart. Could i have asked/clarified further...yes. But then we could go to the nth degree and when we ask a OP to use a hammer post a picture, ask if they have experience and the relevant qualifications to use said instrument etc etc or assume a basic knowledge of pressures, water flow, etc from his original and subsequent posts it is obvious he wasn't a muppet. And to state' and private supplies are often pumped' is like saying rain is wet.....yes? the point being??....totally immaterial to the question asked ie can/should i cut back when i connect.....pressure was a minor point. Why the hell you choose to be so pedantic is beyond me. Anyways, enough said. And as for you saying i wasn't right......i was....pressure low. Philmac Will connect. Sure, by all means point out it isn't the only method of connection, but don't rubbbish other peoples contributions by insinuating i either don't know what i am saying or it is plain wrong.

Softus, we should be helping each other and posters, not picking. If i was totally wrong fine, i wasn't, and you know it. I made no such insinuations about your post. If fact the knife idea is good.....something we should be glad to see, look and learn. One thing i know for ain't the fount of all knowledge......but then neither am i......i am just big enough to know and accept that. End of posting.
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