Am i able to amend garden border between 2 flats?conditions

17 Nov 2012
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone,
Recently I buit a conservatory 4mx4m back of my garden. As you can see from the attachment, If I build the decking, I will be covering more than 50 percent of garden(considering I have a shed with base too).

The place is part of of maisonettes( one block, 4 flats). We own 2 of them which are on same ground. ground level flat and first floor flat(2 separate properties) on top of each other.

We also purchased the freehold.

My question is:

Can we draw our own garden lines and in this case, extend the the garden of ground level flat further back enough so I can claim I will still have 50 percent garden after decking?

Who in council can oppose this. we own the flats and the freehold.

Would the border line be registered in land registry?

Can they be amended in any case?

My dream of having garden in front of my conservatory would still be alive if I hear any good news from you guys. :)

I dont want to go straight to council without any back up information.

Thank you very much for the help

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It would mean a change to the lease held by the people who own #71.

If they have any sense they'll want paying for that.
We own both 69 and 71 and their freehold. I bought the freehold and its no longer on leasehold

So If later on the council come and say, you have covered more than 50 percent, Can I claim, As we own both flat of 69 and 71 and the freehold, the garden boundaries are like THIS!?
Thank you
I assumed that #71 was a leasehold, with you owning the freehold.

So they are tenants who pay you rent?
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I am afraid you will need to get the council involved before you do any more work.

Any significant alterations to flats usually need a building notice application to be submitted.

Rules regarding alterations to flats are different to houses and the council need to be informed.
Something to do with the council needing to inform all the flat occupiers (not owners) of the alteration application.

Best of luck.
have worked it out properly
as in plot size say 100sqm
house/flat as built or as 1948 say 50sqm leaving 50sqm
half off the garden is now 25sqm so add up all extensions and garden building and see what your left with
you will need to alter the boundaries at the Land Registry.

The council will then reassess each property for council tax. You may find the larger garden and conservatory moves you up a band. The other flat is unlikely to move down.
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No - I got an email for your post at 21:42. The mystery one was timestamped 22:01.

So unless you had a senior moment and posted a duplicate 19 minutes after the original, it wasn't that.

i may have done
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I thought you were a victim of the old 'posts repeat themselves' problem, which seems to have returned (although not as badly s it was a year or two ago).

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Goo luck with the op.
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Thanks for all responses. I will try to contact land registry to see what should be done. Agree, better to inform council.

Do they have information in regards to land registry? like the boundaries of each flat?

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