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5 Mar 2006
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West Midlands
United Kingdom
Need to advice on fitting around 4m square of Amtico Signature flooring. My sister has had a major falling out with a builder and they have agreed to end the contract. Most of a conservatory extension has been built and almost finished except the last bit of flooring. Unfortunately my sister is a little hot headed and could not wait until the flooring was finished, hence the builder stopped 4m short. I have fitted some Amtico as a diyer in my old kitchen, but that was years ago when the adhesive was solvent based! Times moved on, but I think I can manage the last bit of flooring and finish the otherwise good job the builder did.

I will be using Amtico HT adhesive on the conservatory floor that was levelled with a self levelling compound by the previous builder. Nothing has ever been put on top of it whatsoever. What is the recommendation for a primer I can use prior to tiling? Eg. PVA, diluting ratio or another product. I don't know anything about the floor other than it's flat and light grey. Unsure if anything has been put on it before. Should I leave altogether and tile straight onto it, or is there a something that will do no harm, doesn't matter if makes no difference not to use.

One area of the conservatory that adjoins the house has plywood that transitions to the living room which is carpeted. All the nail heads in the ply are visible, but flush. They won't show through will they? Should I go over the heads and a join in the ply with something? I will still use HT adhesive, as sunlight is visible on it through the conservatory roof. Is there a suitable primer for the plywood too? Any advice on the priming for both surfaces would be greatly appreciated. I understand a notched A2 trowel should be used with the HT adhesive, but another flooring contractor suggested applying the adhesive with a small roller and then notching. Is this an acceptable method? I was jut going to trowel it on, scrape off excess and lay the tiles straight on to it. No waiting. Is that correct?

Please hurl some advice my way, and less hurling of the other stuff. Thanks
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Stopgap p131 primer 4-1 will work well.
You can feather finish screed over nail heads and joints.
Dry fit the Amtico , lift out and glue out then put them in. Just trowel them on. Who ever said roll it on then trowel is wrong.
Thanks. I guess the stopgap primer is ok for both the ply and self levelling compound? What is the smallest size available? Prefer not to buy a drum for 4 sq m. Is feather finish a product or a method of applying the stopgap? What do I use for that and how is it applied?
Yes mate primer for both or Ardex P51 which sell 1ltr

Feather finish , micro coat , Uzin 888 are all feather finish screeds. You be better trying to find local flooring Company to sell you a part tub
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Thanks again. Very helpful, especially the Ardex p51 in a litre size. That's my problem: only need a bit and can't think what I'd do with all the left over. The feather finish sizes are huge, and I only need 4sq m worth! Do I need to smooth it over the whole area, or just the joins and nails indents? Sounds tricky to skim 4m of floor. Could I just fill the 2 long joins and nail indents, then prime over everything? Most of the "million" nails in the ply are flush and I've tried hammering in the ones that aren't. Unbelievably, they seem stuck solidly, just proud of the ply. May need to get a nail punch and hope the go down. Wish they used a nail gun and had them go under. I've tried search for flooring places in Birmingham and can only find one, 20 miles away. May need to buy online and hope to get a deal on a small amount and postage.
Was the Bulider fitting the Amtico ?
Do you have any pictures of it ?
Nails that won’t go in usually due to the fact it’s going into a void underneath. Like a gap between floor boards. So take them out.
The builder had his own floorer, who did the fitting. He was called in at the end to do the flooring. Wish I had his contact details, as might have been able to get him to do it without the builders say so. It's only 4m, and I'm just going to finish it, to stop it dragging on. Would you recommend removing and putting a longer nail in? They are tricky at removing, because it's hard to get a claw or grip on them without damaging the plywood around the nail. What would be worst case if I left them in and the nail heads sat on the ply, and Could be felt by hand. Ideally, I'd like a product that was like a thicker primer that could be rollered over the entire surface and blended the nail heads and filled any gaps. A sort of paintable feather finish. Unlikely anything exists, but does anything come close?
You should be able to get them up with a small wood Chisel.

Then feather finish over the nails.

You might not need the primer if it’s clean screed
Got a small quantity of both stopgap p131 and feather finish from a floorer. His said he's always put amtico straight onto ply and latex screed and never used a primer on either. Only primer under the screed. Also, he said feather finish the gaps and holes on ply, then amitco straight onto it. He said the stopgap over my existing screed and ply prior to amtico would not make a difference. I'm still thinking of using it, but now wondering if it would make things worse. I wouldn't mind if it was a waste of time and made no difference, just hope I don't make it worse. I'd really value your opinion before I take the plunge. Thanks
Primer helps to get a better bond.
If plywood has been down a while I prime it.
If a screeding compound been down a while I prime it.
New ply I don’t and just feather over it mate

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