Amtico installation - subfloor advice please.

4 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

We've recently moved house. I'm planning on laying Amtico flooring in our hall and dining room. (approx 24 m2).

I've taken up the carpet in the hall to reveal floorboards which are pretty level.

In the dining room there is cheap laminate which we plan to take up shortly. Again I'm expecting floorboards under there.

I've done quite a lot of research on preparing the subfloor for Amtico but I have a number of questions, if anyone would be kind enough to help.

I plan to lay 6mm plywood on top of the floorboards in both rooms. I've had a spirit level on the floor in the Hall and it seems pretty level, but I plan to borrow an 8 foot length to check the level in more detail.

My first questions are about levelling:

1. Is there any margin for error on how level the floor needs to be? i.e. does it need to be 100% level throughout?

2. I have read that if any levelling needs to be done then Amtico say it should be done on top of the floorboards and under the plywood. Can anyone advise on a suitable levelling compound please and whether this will damage the floorboards? (the floorboards in the hall are original and in decent condition).

After levelling the floor (if required) I plan to then lay down the 6mm plywood throughout. I've read various advice on expansion gaps in the plywood. I will let the plywood climatise for a couple of days. I've seen advice on a 10mm perimeter gap, and then a credit card sized gap between sheets (rather than butting up). I've seen other people suggesting not to bother with a gap and just butting the sheets up.

3. So my third question is for advice on expansion gaps please?

I've then read to apply a smoothing compound. I was looking at the "Feather It" smoothing compound

4. Is this just between the gaps in the plywood, or to be applied throughout the surface of the plywood?

I'll then let the new subfloor climatise before laying the Amtico tiles.

5. My final question is for any advice in laying the Amtico tiles themselves? I'll obviously be using the right Amtico adhesive, and trowel and also plan to roll the floor as per Amtico's advice. I assume I should also leave a perimeter gap? Any advice on where to lay the first tile?

Many thanks
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Slight update. I've taken the laminate flooring up tonight. The floorboards look OK but I think I'll need some leveling compound. I have also revealed some small floor tiles (see picture) in front of an old fire place. I will be removing the fireplace and blocking it up...but advice appreciated on what to do about laying the plywood over these tiles. Obviously nailing the floor down into them wouldn't be an option...!


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